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Dalian BaoSteel Metallurgy Group Co., Ltd. is affiliated with LMM Group. Since our establishment 15 years ago, we have been focusing on the iron and steel metallurgy industry (Intelligent equipment R&D), high-end equipment manufacturing industry, green food industry and other energy-saving and emission-reduction health industries.

Our company attaches great importance to the research and development of twin-screw pump projects.

We have a team of senior engineers with more than 20 years of experience in this industry.

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After years of careful development by our company’s R&D personnel, our double-suction twin-screw pump has achieved effective measures such as quick replacement of seals and quick adjustment of helical surface clearance. In recent years, the helical surface with independent intellectual property rights developed by our company is at the leading level in China.
Our company has also researched and developed according to various working conditions, and formed our company’s unique twin-screw pump products, which are widely used in the market.

R & D patent

Independently develop and design of energy-saving screw pumps with professional intellectual property rights.

Professional CNC Equipment

From processing and assembly to quality inspection, it is strictly controlled in accordance with international first-class standards to ensure the best product quality.

Reliable Partner

Our company has many overseas warehouses in Europe, the United States, Mexico, etc., and partners are all over the world.

Twin screw pump manufacturer


We pay much attention to the spirit of the contract, and we can unconditionally solve any quality problems with the pumps sold. 

Pre-sales consulting service
We recommend suitable products according to the actual working conditions and needs of customers. Pumps can also be developed and designed according to needs, and customized services can be provided. During the epidemic, we also provide remote detection technical support.
Strict quality control
From raw materials to the production process before leaving our factory, all performance indicators are strictly tested, and the professional QC team controls each process. Product quality is our foundation.
After-sales service
Products sold, the quality conditions of them are still tracked throughout the using process, and our technicians will guide the installations and uses throughout the process. We promise that we can unconditionally solve any quality problems with the pumps sold. 
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Two Screw Pump

One of our client: An oil refinery used a centrifugal pump to transport high-temperature oil slurry, which required a pump unit of 37kW to drive.

After switching to our twin screw pump under the same working conditions, it can be easily used with only 22kW.

you ask we answer

The twin-screw pump can efficiently transport a variety of high and low viscosity mediums, especially the medium that do not allow stirring and the media that are easy to vaporize.

It should be noted that the performance parameters corresponding to each series are different. When selecting models, please contact our professional technician.

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