Advantages and precautions of three screw pumps

The main advantages and characteristics of the three screw pump in use are:

1. The three-screw pump has low noise.

2. The delivery pressure of the three screw pumps is high.

3. The three-screw pump has small delivery pulsation, high flow, and pressure stability.

4. The service life of the three-screw pump is longer than that of other gear pumps or rotor pumps.

The screw diameter of the three screw pump is small, and the screw is double-headed, so the dynamic balance of the screw is quite good, and its moment of inertia is even smaller than that of the universal joint. Therefore, the pump can have a higher speed, the vibration caused by it is smaller, and the starting time is also shorter. Low pulsation and fairly low sound pressure levels during pump operation are important characteristics.


The three screw pump should pay attention to the following matters before starting:

1. The inlet of the three screw pump should be equipped with a filter, and usually the largest particle passing through the filter is not greater than 0.1mm.

2. Check whether the three-screw pump unit and the connecting parts are firmly fixed; check whether the suction pipe section and the connection of the instrument joint are sealed.

3. Check whether there is a certain gap between the couplings of the three-screw pump and strictly control the alignment of the two shafts. The runout of the outer circle of the coupling shall not exceed 0.05mm, and the runout of the end face of the coupling shall not exceed 0.Imme.

4. Before starting for the first time, the three-screw pump should be filled with a working medium.

5. Check whether the suction valve on the inlet pipeline of the three-screw pump and the discharge valve on the discharge pipeline is fully open.

6. Turn the coupling of the three screw pumps by hand, and feel that the screw should rotate evenly and briskly without any forced rotation or jamming.


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