Analysis of safety and environmental factors of screw pump

1. Effect of ambient temperature on the screw pump


The screw pump will generate a large amount of heat energy during operation. If the ambient temperature is too high, it will cause poor heat dissipation of the screw pump, which will affect the normal operation of the pump and even cause overheating damage to the pump. Therefore, excessively high ambient temperatures should be avoided when using a screw pump. Generally, the working environment temperature is required to be between 0°C and 40°C. In special cases, external heat dissipation or operating power control of the screw pump is required.


2. Effect of ambient humidity on the screw pump


The normal operation of a screw pump requires a dry surrounding environment. Working in a humid environment can easily lead to corrosion of the pump body, degradation of insulation performance, and even ageing of pump components, thus affecting the service life of the screw pump. Therefore, when using the screw pump, the surrounding environment should be kept dry. In special cases, moisture-proof measures can be taken, such as using a sealing cover.


3. Effect of gas environment on the screw pump


Screw pumps are generally used to transport clean, non-corrosive media. If the transported media contains corrosive gases, impurities, etc., the pump body will be corroded and damaged. Therefore, when using a screw pump, it is necessary to ensure that the transported medium is clean and free of corrosive gases and impurities, and special attention is paid to the cleanliness and hygiene of the use environment.

To sum up, the safe use of the screw pump requires attention to the surrounding environmental factors, including ambient temperature, humidity, gas environment and other factors. If the above requirements are violated, it will affect the normal operation of the screw pump and lead to failure and damage. Therefore, it is necessary to select the screw pump reasonably and strengthen the monitoring of environmental factors during use to ensure the safe operation of the screw pump.


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