Asphalt Heat Preservation Pump

Hot Tar Pump, asphalt pump, Thermal Oil Circulation Pump

Asphalt heat preservation gear pump is mainly used for pumping, conveying and spraying high temperature asphalt (residual oil) liquid. It is most suitable for asphalt (residual oil) spraying operation in construction projects such as roads and squares. Oil pump, conveying non-high volatility, low flash point stone products, such as various motor oils, mechanical oils and heavy oils.

asphalt pump
Asphalt pump

Features of asphalt heat preservation pump

  1. The asphalt heat preservation pump has a simple and compact structure and is easy to install and use.
  1. It has good self-priming performance, no need to add liquid before starting the pump each time, and it is very convenient to use.
  2. The heating tube is connected by standard flange, the sealing surface is convenient to connect, and the sealing is reliable.
  3. The flow parts of the main structure of the hot oil pump select different high temperature resistant materials according to the medium conditions;
  4. This pump adopts metal bellows mechanical seal and has a unique cooling cycle design to ensure stable performance and no leakage under high temperature working conditions. This product is suitable for conveying high temperature liquid, liquid containing hot gas and a small amount of solid particles.

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