Asphalt Pump

Asphalt Pump

Asphalt pumps are widely used in petroleum, chemical fiber, metallurgy, machinery, electric power, machine tools, ships, glass, highways, and other industries.

Structural Properties Of The Asphalt Pump


The pump body or end cover of the thermal insulation asphalt pump is provided with a hollow interlayer, which can heat and heat the liquid to be transported through steam, hot water, heat transfer oil, etc. When the viscosity of the transport is large, a reducer, a speed-regulating motor, or a pulley should be used. and other transmission methods, reduce the speed of the pump to achieve the desired effect, the greater the viscosity of the medium, the lower the motor rotation should be.


Scope of application

The pump is made of cast steel and is suitable for conveying non-corrosive heavy oil/asphalt and other types of heavy oil/asphalt below 350°C that are non-corrosive and free of solid particles (may have light and soft particles). and occasions where thermal insulation is required during the process.

  1. An asphalt pump is a kind of positive displacement pump, the obvious advantages are simple structure, small volume, stable and reliable operation, small pressure pulsation, stable flow, low noise, and high efficiency. It is used for asphalt depots, oil fields, heavy oil depots and heat transfer oil steam heating, asphalt, heavy oil, and other equipment. The working life of asphalt heat preservation pump,
  2. The working mode of the pump: is divided into a long-term working system, a repeated short-time working system, and a short-time working system. Conventional products are long-term working systems, that is, the coil is allowed to work with electricity for a long time. For the case where the valve is opened for a long time and only closed for a short time, the normally open asphalt heat preservation pump should be selected. When used in short-time working systems and large batches, special orders can be made to reduce power consumption.
  3. The working frequency of the pump: when the operating frequency is required to be high, the structure should preferably be a direct-acting asphalt heat preservation pump, and the power supply should preferably be AC.
  4. Reliability of asphalt pump operation: The pump is an external gear pump, in response to the market demand for heat preservation pumps and the low price compared with traditional heat preservation, it has evolved from the original gear pump structure with heat preservation interlayer added to the current heat preservation gear pump. The service life is far less than that of the rotary lobe pump, but because of its convenient use, convenient installation, and low price, there is still a large market.


The cause of the heating of the bitumen pump



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