What are the power losses in a centrifugal pump?

There are three types of power loss in a centrifugal pump: hydraulic loss, volume loss, mechanical loss   1) hydraulic loss When the fluid flows in the pump body if the flow path is smooth, the resistance will be smaller, and if the flow path is rough, the resistance will be greater. The above two […]

What are the characteristics of the mechanical seal of the pump?

1) The sealing performance is good, the leakage of mechanical seal is generally 0.01-5ml/h, according to special requirements, after special design, the leakage of manufactured mechanical seal is only 0.01ml/h, or even smaller, while the leakage of packing seal is 3-80ml/h; 2) Long service life, generally above 8000h; 3) The friction power is small, only […]

The main factors affecting the service life of the screw pump

The screw pump uses the back-and-forth rotation of the screw to absorb and discharge the liquid. Because of the mutual meshing of the respective screws and the tight fit between the screw and the inner wall of the barrel, it will be divided into one or many parts at the suction and discharge of the […]

Why is the three-screw pump noisy during operation?

The quality of the three-screw pump in the production process directly affects our production efficiency. Efficient and stable operation is what we want, but as the service life of the three-screw pump increases, there will often be various problems during operation: problems such as high noise and vibration of the three-screw pump.   Analysis of […]

What is the reasonable speed of the screw pump pumping system?

The speed of the screw pump has its advantages and disadvantages. Generally, 200~400r/min is recommended abroad. Most Chinese oil fields use 100~300/min. The speed of the screw pump depends on the specific situation. If the pressure head and pump efficiency are too low, the displacement of the large pump in the shallow well is not […]

Application Field Of Slurry Pump

Slurry pumps (submerged slurry pumps, submersible slurry pumps, and wear-resistant slurry pumps) are general-purpose machinery widely used. In various sectors of the national economy, slurry pumps are indispensable mechanical equipment for transporting various liquids. Can not do without it. , For example, in a thermal power plant, the feedwater slurry pump sends water to the […]

What Are Twin Screw Pumps Used For ?

In industry, twin screw pumps are used for a variety of applications, from transferring hazardous liquids to moving viscous materials, twin screw pumps are commonly used for moving fluids and transferring chemicals in industries such as food processing, petrochemical products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more. As their name suggests, these pumps have two screws that rotate […]

What is a twin screw pump?

A twin screw pump is a positive displacement pump that uses two screws to move fluids or sludge through a chamber. The intermeshing of the two rotors form volumetric chambers, and these chambers fill with fluid that is carried from the suction side to the higher-pressure discharge side of the pump. This type of pump […]

What type of pump is used for highly viscous fluid and Why?

What pumps are suitable for pumping high-viscosity fluids?   What type of pump is suitable for transporting high-viscosity fluids? High-viscosity fluids such as honey, jam, resin, glue, lubricating oil, asphalt, pulp, etc., have high requirements on the pump, especially considering factors such as temperature and corrosion. Therefore, we need to be very cautious in the […]

Cargo Oil Pump

A cargo oil pump is a special machine on the cargo oil transport ship, and the loading and unloading of cargo oil are mainly completed by it, so it is as important as the cargo lifting machine on the dry cargo ship. Due to the different sizes of cargo oil ships, different types of oil […]