What is a multiphase pump in oil and gas?

twin-screw multiphase pumps, multiphase pump in oil and gas

Oil and gas multiphase pumps are pumping equipment specifically designed to handle multiphase fluids in the oil and gas field. This multiphase fluid typically includes crude oil, natural gas, water, and possibly solid impurities. Unlike traditional single-phase pumps, oil and gas multiphase pumps are able to handle these different types of fluids simultaneously without the […]

What fluid is suitable for a double screw pump to handle?

chocolate pump, chocolate transfer pump

Double screw pumps are suitable for handling viscous liquids, such as syrups, pastes, honey, coatings, paints and glues, etc. Compared with other pumps, they are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Twin-screw pumps can also transport high-pressure, high-temperature, and high-speed liquids. They can operate at low temperatures and high pressures without leakage inside the pump. Twin-screw […]

What is use of screw pump in ship?

Screw pumps are used in many places in the shipping industry. Most of them are twin-screw pumps or three-screw pumps, which are used for unloading and transporting fuel oil. They are used for high-pressure pumps for various deck machinery, main lubrication oil pumps, diesel engine lubrication oil pumps, etc. Single screw pumps are generally used […]

How to choose a pump for pumping syrup media?

When pumping syrup media, factors such as the consistency and viscosity of the syrup need to be considered. Generally, pump types such as screw pumps, diaphragm pumps, and peristaltic pumps can be selected. Screw pump: suitable for syrup with higher viscosity, has higher pumping efficiency and stability, and can maintain a more stable flow rate […]

Screw pump fault diagnosis

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The screw pump is a new type of mechanical tool for transporting liquids. It has the advantages of simple structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient use and maintenance, continuous and uniform medicine dispensing, and stable pressure. Screw pumps are widely used in the transportation of flocculant solutions in mineral processing and concentration. The flocculant has […]

Application scope and performance of different types of screw pumps

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Abstract: The screw pump is essentially a type of positive displacement pump. During the application process, the transmitted medium can be continuously sent to the discharge end through the rotation of the internal gear. This kind of screw pump has a relatively wide range of applications and is mostly found in petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding […]

Skid-mounted mixed-transmission twin-screw pump

Skid-mounted mixed-transmission twin-screw pumps are mainly petrochemical products with mixed-transmission twin-screw pumps as the core. The twin-screw pump assembly is skid-mounted on a base. In addition to the twin-screw pump, the skid-mounted pump also has an auxiliary control system and a centralized control system. lubrication system, mechanical seal forced circulation protection system, automatic separation and […]

Automatic control of screw pump

Automatic control of screw pump

The screw pump is a type of pump equipment widely used in industrial fields. Its traditional operation method usually requires manual intervention and adjustment. With the continuous development of automation technology, automated control of screw pumps has become a trend in modern industrial production. This article will introduce the automation control technology of screw pumps […]

Energy saving and environmental protection characteristics of screw pumps

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A screw pump is a commonly used positive displacement pump, which realizes liquid transportation through the rotation of a screw. With its unique structure and working principle, the screw pump has certain advantages in energy saving and environmental protection characteristics. In applications in various fields, screw pumps can not only improve efficiency but also reduce […]