Risk identification of oilfield screw pumps

In the process of oil field development, screw pumps, as a common fluid transportation equipment, have many advantages, such as simple structure, reliable operation, and high efficiency. However, there are also some risks during the operation of the screw pump. The risks will be discussed below in terms of mechanical failure, reduced pump efficiency, pump […]

Five reasons for the wear of screw pumps

1. Each plastic has an ideal plasticizing processing temperature range. The barrel processing temperature should be controlled to be close to this temperature range. Granular plastic enters the barrel from the hopper. The feeding section will be reached first. Dry friction will inevitably occur in the feeding section. When these plastics are not heated enough […]

What is a food-grade screw pump?

food grade screw pump, hygienic screw pump

Food-grade screw pump is a positive displacement pump specially used in the food industry. Its main feature is to maintain the hygiene, safety and quality of products when transporting food and beverages. It has good hygienic performance, reliability and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for processing food materials with high viscosity, perishable and easy to […]

The speed of the screw pump is a key factor affecting its performance

A screw pump is a common positive displacement pump, usually consisting of one or more screws and a housing. It can transfer liquid from one place to another, so it is widely used in fields such as industry, agriculture and household. The speed of the screw pump is one of the key factors affecting its […]

Selection and use of screw pump

Basic factors to be considered in the selection of screw pump models In the selection of screw pumps in the early stage, comprehensive technical and economic indicators such as investment and operating costs of pump units and pump stations should be considered comprehensively, so that it conforms to the principles of economy, safety and applicability. […]

Modification scheme of lubricating system for ordinary wire rod mill

wire rod mill, lubricating system

In recent years, the existing ordinary wire rod mills in the country have undergone different degrees of technological transformation. After the transformation, the weight of the main and auxiliary equipment has increased greatly. , which puts forward higher requirements for equipment lubrication. The general wire rod workshop of Handan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has […]

Application of screw pump in oil pipeline

screw pump in oil pipeline

The oil and gas storage and transportation company’s main business is pipeline transportation of crude oil and natural gas, and it undertakes the oil and gas transportation task produced by Xinjiang Oilfield Company. In recent years, the proportion of heavy oil produced by Xinjiang Oilfield Company has increased year by year. The proportion of thick […]

How to ensure the operation and quality of the screw pump

quality of the screw pump

1. Selection of the speed of the screw pump The flow rate of the screw pump has a linear relationship with the speed. Compared with the low-speed screw pump, the high-speed screw pump can increase the flow rate and head, but the power is significantly increased. The high speed accelerates the wear between the rotor […]

What is the main reason for the leakage of the three-screw pump in operation?

There are three reasons for the sudden leakage of the three-screw pump during normal operation. One is the leakage of the mechanical seal, the other is the misalignment of the installation, and the third is the wear of the shaft sleeve. The three-screw pump has a variety of structural forms, the general small flow rate […]