Classification And Application Of Corrosion-resistant Pump

Classification Of Corrosion-resistant Pump by working principle: 1. Positive displacement pump The movement of the working part causes the working volume to increase and shrink periodically to suck and discharge the liquid, and the pressure of the liquid is directly increased by the extrusion of the working part. According to the different movement modes of […]

Corrosion-resistant Pump

Corrosion-resistant pumps, as the name suggests, are pumps with corrosion-resistant properties, mainly used for the delivery of corrosive liquids. It is one of the most widely used pumps in general equipment pumps. The corrosion-resistant pump made of stainless steel material is the most widely used in the market for corrosive liquid transportation. The corrosion-resistant pump […]

Emulsifying Pump

Emulsifying Pump

The emulsifying pump is a precise combination of rotating stators to generate strong shearing force in high-speed rotation to achieve mixing, homogenization, dispersion, and pulverization. The emulsifying pump is an efficient online dispersing equipment, which can be installed on the pipeline for the continuous processing of materials. And to eliminate the quality difference between batches, […]

What Is Coal Water Slurry?

What Is Coal Water Slurry? Coal water slurry is a low-pollution, high-efficiency, pipeline-transportable coal-based fluid fuel instead of oil. It has changed the traditional combustion method of coal, showing great advantages of environmental protection and energy saving. Especially in recent years, after adopting the technical route of recycling waste, the successfully developed environmentally friendly coal-water […]

Sanitary Pump

Sanitary Pump

Sanitary pump is a classification of pumps from the application occasions of pumps, specifically involving the delivery of all products in contact with the human body, such as pharmaceuticals, dairy products, beverages, food, cosmetics, food additives, fine chemicals, etc. There are four basic types of sanitary pumps, centrifugal, positive displacement, jet and air. Centrifugal pumps […]

High Viscosity Pump Selection Method

high viscosity chemical transfer pump, High Viscosity Fluid Transfer Pump

How To Choose High Viscosity Pump? When choosing a high viscosity pump, you should pay attention to the specific viscosity, working temperature, medium-specific gravity, medium composition, etc. delivered by the pump. Only by better understanding, the medium conveyed by the high-viscosity pump can you better select the required high-viscosity pump products. 1. The viscosity of […]

Advantages Of Our High Viscosity Pump

high viscosity chemical transfer pump, High Viscosity Fluid Transfer Pump

(1) The high viscosity pump conveys the liquid smoothly, without pulsation, small vibration, and low noise. (2) The high viscosity pump has a strong self-priming performance. (3) The high-viscosity pump can transport a variety of corrosive media with the correct selection of parts and materials, and the operating temperature can reach 200 °C. (4) The […]

The Main Purpose Of Asphalt Pump

liquid asphalt pump, asphalt pump

1. Asphalt pumps are widely used in petroleum, chemical fiber, metallurgy, machinery, electric power, machine tools, ships, glass, highways, and other industries. 2. The asphalt pump is suitable for transporting fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, crude oil, asphalt and other lubricating oils and lubricating liquids similar to oil. 3. The asphalt pump is used […]

Pulp Pump

A pulp pump is a kind of machine widely used in the paper industry.   Applicable industries of pulp pump   Paper industry: It is used to transport, lift and pressurize the medium in the pulp and alkali recovery industrial process with a concentration below 6%; Sugar industry: used to transport syrup with concentration below […]

Specifications for the use of asphalt pumps

asphalt pumps

When using the asphalt heat preservation pump, we must formulate strict technical maintenance specifications. The fuel filter works for 100 hours and the fuel tank is cleaned once for 500 hours. If the filter element is found to be damaged, it must be replaced in time by the oil supply. The pair should be disassembled […]