Why use a twin-screw pump to transport lubricating oil in a hydraulic system?

1. The structure of the twin-screw pump determines that it is more energy-saving when transporting hydraulic system lubricating oil and other high-viscosity chemical media.   Structurally speaking, the core component of the twin-screw pump, the screw (or sleeve), is formed by a spiral curved surface. When transporting liquid medium, through the rotation of the active […]

Advantages of applying large displacement screw pumps

With the acceleration of offshore water injection work, the start of offshore liquid extraction production and the requirements of “energy saving and consumption reduction” in oil production plants, due to the high pump efficiency of the screw pump, it is better able to adapt to production conditions with high gas and sand content, and the […]

Characteristics and applications of food grade screw pumps

Food-grade screw pumps

Food-grade screw pump is a type of pump equipment specially used in the food industry and is widely used in food processing, beverage production, pharmaceutical and other fields. This article will introduce the characteristics and application scope of food-grade screw pumps, as well as their important role in the food industry. Features of food-grade screw […]

Application and energy saving analysis of new high-efficiency screw pumps

high-efficiency screw pumps

The conventional screw pump lifting method has problems such as low transmission efficiency of the ground drive device, high repair costs for damaged reducers, and potential safety hazards in the transmission device. To solve this problem, DC motor direct-drive screw pump technology has been tested and applied. This article introduces the direct-drive type Principle, structure […]

Causes and Countermeasures of Twin-Screw Pump Mechanical Seal Leakage

twin-screw pump mechanical seal

Causes of leakage of twin-screw pump mechanical seal 1. Mechanical seal performance issues Problems with mechanical seal performance are mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1) Caused by improper selection of friction pair materials. For example, the material used in the friction pair has poor wear resistance, a large friction coefficient, and the end face-specific […]

Application of twin-screw pump in butadiene rubber device

glue pump, twin screw pump

This article introduces the current use situation of the original rotary piston glue pump in butadiene rubber equipment and the structural characteristics of the twin-screw pump. It also analyzes the use of the twin-screw pump to replace the original rotary piston pump for conveying glue, and its use in conveying high-viscosity glue. The effect shows […]

Application of twin-screw pump in PPC high-viscosity material transportation

Application of twin-screw pump, high-viscosity material

1. Introduction   Polypropylene carbonate (PPC) is a new type of aliphatic polycarbonate synthesized by copolymerization of carbon dioxide and epoxide monomers. It has good biodegradability and is an environmentally friendly material with great development prospects. Materials are attracting more and more attention and attention from people from all walks of life around the world. […]

Screw pumps can be used effectively even in harsh environments

The screw pump plays a very important role in the industrial field. It can be used in harsh environments such as flammable and explosive, and can complete many tasks that are difficult for humans to complete manually, ensuring the safety of workers and reducing economic losses. The screw pump causes minimal agitation of the fluid, […]

Advantages of twin-screw pumps for transporting high viscosity heavy oil

This article introduces the advantages of twin-screw pumps in transporting high-viscosity heavy oils. Through calculation and analysis, the impact of heavy oils of different viscosities on the efficiency of centrifugal pumps and twin-screw pumps is focused on theoretically analyzing the impact of viscosity on twin-screw pump flow and flow rates. The influence relationship between shaft […]

Unique application advantages of screw pumps

screw pumps, advantages of screw pumps

The fluid flow process is one of the five major unit operations in the chemical industry. Fluid flow processes include transfer, filtration, solid fluidization, and transport activities. Centrifugal pumps have traditionally been a popular standard in the fluid flow process industry, but in some cases, these pumps have been inefficient and costly. In this case, […]