Papermaking Industry

— conveying pulp, adhesives, auxiliaries, etc.

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Twin screw pump Application in papermaking industry

The papermaking industry is an industry with high energy consumption, high water consumption and high pollution, so it is also an industry that uses a large amount of pumps. The main pumps used in large paper mills include pulp and paper process pumps, power station pumps, water pumps, sewage treatment pumps, production Auxiliary pump etc.
Due to its unique structural characteristics, twin screw pumps are most suitable for conveying materials with high viscosity or particles, such as pulp, adhesives, auxiliaries, etc., and are energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly, so they are widely used in the paper industry.

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Why choose our twin screw pump

Wide range of conveying viscosity

Frequency conversion control-Energy saving
Low noise and long life
Suitable for high temperature, corrosion, abrasion

Best Selling Pumps for papermaking Industry

Pulp Pump

pulp pump

Total flow range: 0.1~1000m3/h
Total pressure range: 0.1~8.0MPa
Medium conveying viscosity: ≤ 5000000mm2/s The medium conveying temperature: -40 ~450℃
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Corrosion Resistant Pump, corrosion-resistant pump

corrosion-resistant pump

Ideal equipment for chemical industry or sewage treatment. Select different corrosion-resistant materials according to the medium conditions
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Glue Pump

glue pump

When the pump is used for high-viscosity corrosive medium transportation, it adopts a unique combination of packing seal and ceramic-plated journal. The performance and service life are ahead of similar products at home and abroad.
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