High viscous fluid transport solution for shipbuilding

marine screw pump

Twin-screw pumps are most suitable for conveying high-viscosity fluids, and are widely used in bilge and sludge systems, F/O, D/O transfer systems, etc. in ships. As a professional manufacturer of twin-screw pumps, we provide quotations and technical support for marine screw pumps

We focus on one type of pump applying for different fields

For over 15 years, Dalian Baosteel Metallurgy has been focus on R&D of twin screw pump. According to different application scenarios, we develop different series of twin-screw pump patented products by giving full play to the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving of twin-screw type pump. And we offer cost-effective custom designs for specific requirements.

Get the best solution for high viscous, gas- liquid mixed medium transfer.

Improve your productivity and efficiency. Safer and less lossy transportation.

Reduce Power Consumption And Energy Costs

Save Total Cost And Improve Working Environment

Typical series of our marine screw pump

Marine loading pumps, sweeping pumps, marine ballast pumps, main engine lubricating oil pumps, cargo oil pumps, etc. Customize your exclusive marine screw pump.

Double suction pump

Double Suction Pump

Flow: 10~2000 m3/h
Inlet pressure: -0.05~0.8 MPa
Outlet pressure: 0.1~4.0 MPa
Medium temperature: -20~200 ºC
Medium viscosity: 0.5~100000 mm2/s
Speed: 50~1500 r/min
high-pressure pump, high pressure screw pump, high pressure oil transfer pump

High Pressure Pump

Realize long-distance transportation of various media

high-efficiency pump

High Efficiency Pump

the mechanical efficiency of conveying is the highest, and the energy-saving effect is good


Marine twin-screw pump is a type of positive displacement pump. It has the advantages of smooth conveying, no pulsation, no stirring, low vibration, low noise, and strong self-priming performance. With the correct selection of materials and structures, it can convey lubricating or non-lubricating, clean or low-viscosity or low-viscosity containing solid particles. Various media with high viscosity, with or without corrosiveness. Shaft seals are available in various forms, with long service life, less leakage and a wide range of applications. It also has vertical and horizontal differences.

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How to choose the type of pump for a ship?

The functioning of a ship is supported by various types of fluids that flow through the different machinery and systems within the ship for cooling, heating, lubrication and as fuel. These fluids are circulated through different types of pumps which can be independently driven by the ship’s power supply or connected to the machinery itself. All systems on board require proper operation and compatible pumps and pumping systems in order for the ship to sail smoothly.

Which type of pump to choose for a boat depends on the characteristics of the fluid to be pumped or circulated. These include properties such as viscosity, density, surface tension, and compressibility, and also need to be based on the characteristics of the pumping system, such as the demand rate of the fluid, the pressure head at which the fluid is pumped, the temperature encountered in the system, and the pressure at which the fluid is handled in the system, etc. .

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