Cargo Oil Pump

A cargo oil pump is a special machine on the cargo oil transport ship, and the loading and unloading of cargo oil are mainly completed by it, so it is as important as the cargo lifting machine on the dry cargo ship. Due to the different sizes of cargo oil ships, different types of oil loaded, and the specific conditions of each type of ship are different, the requirements for cargo oil pumps are also different.

There are many types of cargo oil pumps used on cargo oil tankers. The common ones are rotary cargo oil pumps, reciprocating cargo oil pumps, and centrifugal cargo oil pumps. According to their different driving methods, they mainly include steam direct-acting cargo oil pumps, steam turbine cargo oil pumps, and electric motor cargo oil pumps. Oil pump, diesel engine cargo oil pump, hydraulic motor cargo oil pump. The selection of a cargo oil pump is usually based on the three main points of safety, economy, maintenance, and management, and is selected in combination with the actual situation.

The cargo oil pumps of small cargo oil tankers are mainly electric rotary pumps, especially on small product oil tankers, electric gear pumps are mostly used as cargo oil pumps; on small cargo oil tankers below 15,000 tons, direct steam reciprocating piston pumps are used As a cargo oil pump; most of the cargo oil carriers above 20,000 tons use centrifugal cargo oil pumps driven by steam turbines, because they have the advantages of large displacement, safety, and reliability, and can meet the needs of large cargo oil tankers.


Cargo Pump For Oil Tanker
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