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Lubrication of screw pump

Lubrication system of screw pump

The screw pump is an orthogonal screw double-rotor pump that is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, petroleum and other industries. Its main advantages are

submersible screw pump

Electric submersible screw pump

The electric submersible screw pump is a new type of oil production equipment that combines the advantages of an electric submersible pump and a screw

components on screw pump

Key components on screw pumps

1. Screw pump rotor One of the key components of the screw pump is the rotor. During the operation of the screw pump, the rotor

Risk identification of oilfield screw pumps

In the process of oil field development, screw pumps, as a common fluid transportation equipment, have many advantages, such as simple structure, reliable operation, and

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