What type of pumps are commonly used in thermal power plants?

A thermal power plant is a factory that uses coal, oil, and natural gas as fuel to produce electricity and heat. Its basic production process is: the fuel is burned in a boiler to heat water to make steam, and the chemical energy of the fuel is converted into heat energy. The steam pressure drives […]

Oilfield Development Details

OilField, Screw Pump

1. Oil recovery methods in oilfield The basic task of oil extraction is to maximize the extraction of crude oil from the formation to the ground under economic conditions. Oil wells are channels that connect the formation to the ground. Crude oil flows to the surface through oil wells. The oil recovery method usually refers […]

What Is Coal Water Slurry?

What Is Coal Water Slurry? Coal water slurry is a low-pollution, high-efficiency, pipeline-transportable coal-based fluid fuel instead of oil. It has changed the traditional combustion method of coal, showing great advantages of environmental protection and energy saving. Especially in recent years, after adopting the technical route of recycling waste, the successfully developed environmentally friendly coal-water […]