Characteristics and applications of food grade screw pumps

Food-grade screw pumps

Food-grade screw pump is a type of pump equipment specially used in the food industry and is widely used in food processing, beverage production, pharmaceutical and other fields. This article will introduce the characteristics and application scope of food-grade screw pumps, as well as their important role in the food industry.

Features of food-grade screw pump

Health and Safety

Food-grade screw pumps are made of materials that meet food hygiene standards, such as stainless steel 316L, which has excellent corrosion resistance and hygienic performance. They are well designed to ensure that the transported food is free from external contamination and meets food safety requirements.

Low Shear

When the first-stage screw pump is running, the geometric structure between the screw and the pump cavity causes the food to be subject to less shear during transportation. This is important for certain shear-sensitive foods such as emulsifiers, jams, etc.

Controllable Flow

The screw pump can provide stable and controllable flow output and can be accurately metered and adjusted according to production needs. This is important for operations such as batching, mixing and filling in food processing.

Adaptable to a variety of foods

Progressive cavity pumps can handle many types of food, including high-viscosity slurries, granular materials, and materials that tend to clump. They are widely used to transport jam, chocolate, sauce, juice, syrup and other food raw materials.


Application scope of food-grade screw pump

Food Processing

In the food processing process, food-grade screw pumps are widely used in processes such as raw material transportation, syrup preparation, slurry stirring, and uniform mixing. They can effectively improve production efficiency and ensure food quality, hygiene and safety.

Beverage production

Food-grade screw pumps play an important role in beverage production. They are used to transport raw materials such as juices, juice concentrates, dairy products, beverage slurries, etc. and ensure uniform mixing to produce beverage products with good taste and uniform taste.

Pharmaceutical Process

In the pharmaceutical industry, food-grade screw pumps are often used to transport and handle pharmaceutical raw materials, slurries and emulsifiers. Due to their hygienic safety and controlled flow characteristics, they ensure the quality and purity of pharmaceutical products in pharmaceutical processes.

Packaging and Filling

Food-grade screw pumps play an important role in food packaging and filling processes. They can stably transport food raw materials to packaging machinery, ensuring accurate metering and filling of products.

Food Hygiene Standards

Food-grade screw pumps comply with food hygiene standards and specifications, such as FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group). This ensures that the parts of the pump that come into contact with food are harmless, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and can meet the hygiene requirements of the food industry.

In Conclusion:

Food-grade screw pumps play an important role in the food industry. Features include hygienic safety, low shear, controllable flow and adaptability to a variety of food products. In the fields of food processing, beverage production, pharmaceutical technology, packaging and filling, food-grade screw pumps can improve production efficiency, ensure product quality and hygiene and safety, and have become indispensable equipment.


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