Characteristics of chemical pumps and their maintenance and assembly

Chemical industry-- Screw Pump

1. What are the characteristics of chemical pumps?

1) It can adapt to the requirements of chemical technology;

2) Corrosion resistance;

3) High temperature and low-temperature resistance;

4) Wear-resistant and erosion-resistant;

5) Reliable operation;

6) No leakage or less leakage;

7) Capable of transporting liquids in a critical state;

8) Has anti-cavitation performance

2. What should be done before chemical pump maintenance?

1) Machines and equipment must be stopped before maintenance, cooling, pressure relief, and power cut-off;

2) Machines and equipment with flammable, explosive, toxic, and corrosive media must be cleaned, neutralized, and replaced after passing the analysis and testing before maintenance before construction can begin;

3) For inspection and maintenance of flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive media or steam equipment, machines, and pipelines, the material outlet, and inlet valves must be cut off and blind plates must be added.

3. What process conditions should be met before chemical pump maintenance?

1) Parking; 2) Cooling down; 3) Pressure relief; 4) Cutting off the power supply; 5) Replacement

4. What should be paid attention to when assembling chemical pumps?

1) Whether the pump shaft is bent or deformed;

2) Whether the rotor balance meets the standard;

3) The gap between the impeller and the pump casing;

4) Whether the compression amount of the buffer compensation mechanism of the mechanical seal meets the requirements;

5) Concentricity of pump rotor and volute;

6) Whether the center line of the pump impeller flow channel and the center line of the volute flow channel are aligned;

7) Adjust the gap between the bearing and the end cover;

8) Gap adjustment of the sealing part;

9) Whether the assembly of the transmission system motor and the variable (increasing, decelerating) speed reducer meets the standards;

10) Alignment of the coaxiality of the coupling;

11) Whether the mouth ring gap meets the standard;

12) Whether the tightening force of the connecting bolts of each part is appropriate.


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