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Best solution for viscous medium transport in Chemical Industry

If the viscosity of the medium to be transported is greater than 20 cst, please do not hesitate to select our screw pump.

If the medium to be transported does not allow mixing, please select our screw pump

Twin screw pump Manufacturer

Twin-screw pumps are most suitable for conveying high-viscosity media that cannot be conveyed by other pumps, and the higher the viscosity, the more energy-saving

Approve for Mass Production and we will handle the shipment.

Basic chemical industry

Conveying glycerin, sorbitol, cosmetics, shampoo, facial cleanser, toothpaste, soap, laundry powder slurry, titanium dioxide, ink, paint, latex paint, white glue, various high-viscosity materials, polymers

Petrochemical industry

Transportation of heavy oil, crude oil, asphalt, fuel oil, grease, lubricating oil, petroleum additives, gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, various resins, etc.

chemical fiber

Conveying viscose, polyester, etc. It has high efficiency in the transportation of high-viscosity PVA, aramid fiber, spandex and other stock solutions.

coal chemical industry

Coal tar pitch, coal tar transportation. The twin-screw pump is also the most ideal delivery pump for coal-water slurry.

We focus on one type of pump applying for different fields

For over 15 years, Dalian Baosteel Metallurgy has been focus on R&D of twin screw pump. According to different application scenarios, we develop different series of twin-screw pump patented products by giving full play to the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving of twin-screw type pump. And we offer cost-effective custom designs for specific requirements.

Get the best solution for high viscous, gas- liquid mixed medium transfer.

Improve your productivity and efficiency. Safer and less lossy transportation.

Reduce Power Consumption And Energy Costs

Save Total Cost And Improve Working Environment

Typical series of our petrochemical pump

Screw pumps are typical pumps used in chemical industry

glue pump, Food Pump,Dairy Pump, multi screw pump, honey pump, positive displacement,Glycerin Pump

Stainless Steel Pump

Wide range of viscosities used, corrosion resistance

Bitumen Pump,refinery pump

High temperature fluid transfer pump

Oil refining, coking and other industriesdia

high-efficiency pump

High Efficiency Pump

the mechanical efficiency of conveying is the highest, and the energy-saving effect is good

1. Low noise and long life

Due to the structural characteristics of the twin-screw pump, there is no direct mechanical wear during operation.

2. High temp, corrosion, abrasion occasions

The pump can be designed as a thermal insulation and sealed cooling system

3. Stable conveying

No stirring and no pulsation when conveying low viscosity media. Suitable for conveying gas-liquid mixed medium like beer, soda, etc.

4. High viscosity liquid delivery

Twin screw pumps are highly efficient even when pumping liquids with viscosities up to 1 million cSt

Energy-saving Case


Pre-sales consulting

We recommend suitable products according to the actual needs of customers, and we can do OEM for you.

Strict quality control

All performance indicators of products are strictly tested, and the professional QC team controls each process.

After-sales service

We promise that we can unconditionally solve any quality problems with the pumps sold. 

Custom screw pump for Your Business

1. Please help us to provide your parameters or drawing:
1. conveying medium (         )
2. Viscosity of the medium (              ) (m㎡/s)
3. Inlet pressure: (          )MPa 
4. outlet pressure: (            ) MPa 
5. Flow : (              )m³/h
6. Medium working temperature:

We will work on the best solution according to your requirements and drawing.

3. Approve for Mass Production and we will handle the shipment.

Let us meet all of your needs on screw pumps

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