Classification And Application Of Corrosion-resistant Pump

Classification Of Corrosion-resistant Pump by working principle:

1. Positive displacement pump

The movement of the working part causes the working volume to increase and shrink periodically to suck and discharge the liquid, and the pressure of the liquid is directly increased by the extrusion of the working part.
According to the different movement modes of moving parts, it is divided into two categories: reciprocating pump and rotary pump.
According to the different structures of moving parts, it is divided into piston pump, plunger pump, gear pump, screw pump, vane pump, and water ring pump.

2. Impeller pump

The impeller pump relies on the impeller to drive the liquid to rotate at a high speed and transfer the mechanical energy to the conveyed liquid.

According to the different structural characteristics of the impeller and flow channel of the pump, it can be divided into:

1) Centrifugal pump

2) Axial flow pump

3) Mixed flow pump

4) Vortex pump

3. Jet Pump

It relies on the high-speed jet generated by the working fluid to eject the fluid, and then increases the energy of the ejected fluid through momentum exchange.


According to the position of the pump shaft, the corrosion-resistant pump can be divided into the following categories:


1. Vertical pump

2. Horizontal pump


According to the number of suction ports:

1. Single suction pump

2. Double suction pump


According to the prime mover driving the pump:

1. Electric pump

2. Turbine Pump

3. Diesel pump


The corrosion-resistant pump is widely used in the chemical industry, acid production, alkali production, smelting, rare earth, pesticides, dyes, medicine, papermaking, electroplating, electrolysis, pickling, radio, chemical foil, scientific research institutions, national defense industry, and other industries to transport acid of any concentration, Alkaline, oil, rare and precious liquid, toxic liquid, volatile corrosive chemical medium.


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