Classification Of Agricultural Water Pumps

Classification Of Agricultural Water Pumps

Agricultural water pump is a kind of agricultural machinery, and the water pump is a machine that transports liquid or pressurizes the liquid. According to the working principle and structural characteristics of the main working parts, the first type is the vane pump, which relies on the rotating impeller to work with centrifugal force or driving force, such as centrifugal pump, axial flow pump, mixed flow pump, etc.; the second type is Positive displacement pumps work by alternating the volume of pistons and plungers, such as tie rod pumps, triple pumps, etc. The third type is a special type of pump, such as water hammer pumps. If it is classified according to the working characteristics and structural characteristics of the power machine and the water pump, there are deep well pumps, turbine pumps, etc.


  1. Agricultural centrifugal pump:
    The agricultural centrifugal pump works by using the rotation of the impeller to cause the centrifugal motion of the water. There are many models to choose from, and the optional range of flow and head is also large. It is the most widely used water pump in agriculture. In the plain area, you can choose a centrifugal pump with a lower head, in the hilly area, you can choose a centrifugal pump with a moderate head, and in the high-altitude area, you can use a multi-stage centrifugal pump with a higher head. Users should choose according to local ground conditions, water source and water lifting height.
  2. Agricultural axial flow pump: Pumps water by using the axial pushing action on aquatic products when the impeller with inclined blades rotates. The flow of water flows in the axial direction of the impeller in the pump. It is characterized by large flow and low lift, and is suitable for use on rivers or channels with low lift.
  3. Using a mixed-flow pump: an agricultural mixed-flow pump uses the centrifugal force and axial pushing action on the water when the impeller rotates to pump water. It is characterized by small size, light weight, high efficiency, wide high-efficiency area, simple structure, convenient use and easy maintenance. The conveying medium is clear water or similar to clear water, which is suitable for farmland irrigation and industrial water supply and drainage.
    The flow and head of the agricultural mixed-flow pump are between the centrifugal pump and the axial flow pump. The lift is low and the flow is large, and it is suitable for areas with abundant surface water sources in the south.
  4. Rocking arm pump
    It works by the up and down reciprocating motion of the piston. It is a low-speed water-lifting machine. Generally, the number of reciprocating times is 10 to 30 times/min. The flow rate is small and uneven. 2 to 10 tons/hour) deep well to lift water, the structure is simple, and the operation and use are also convenient.
  5. Triple pump
    It is a plunger pump composed of three plungers. It is characterized by high lift and small flow, and is suitable for use in mountainous areas.
  6. Water Hammer Pump
    It is a kind of water pump that uses the natural water flow drop to generate water hammer pressure in the pump to pump water. It is characterized by simple structure, reliable use and convenient operation.
  7. Deep well pump
    It is a pump for deep wells, with a general lift of more than 50 meters. It is a vertical multi-stage pump. Its characteristics are that it can lift water in deep wells and operate reliably, but it is difficult to install and maintain, expensive, heavy and inconvenient to move. The requirements for well body quality are high.
  8. Submersible electric pump
    It is a water pump that directly connects the motor and the water pump into a whole, and submerges the water to work, pumping the water along the water pipe to the ground. It is characterized by small size, light weight, low cost, high efficiency and convenient operation. It is suitable for scattered water lifting operations with small water consumption, requiring relatively clean water quality and strict prevention of electric leakage and electric shock.
  9. Turbo Pump
    It is a water pump that integrates the turbine and the water pump coaxially, and uses the impact force of the water drop as the driving force to make the water turbine pump move at a high speed, thereby driving the coaxial pump impeller to rotate and pump water. It is characterized by simple structure, submerged in underwater work, no electricity, no oil.

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