What Is Coal Water Slurry?

What Is Coal Water Slurry?

Coal water slurry is a low-pollution, high-efficiency, pipeline-transportable coal-based fluid fuel instead of oil. It has changed the traditional combustion method of coal, showing great advantages of environmental protection and energy saving. Especially in recent years, after adopting the technical route of recycling waste, the successfully developed environmentally friendly coal-water slurry can greatly improve the environmental protection benefit of the coal-water slurry without increasing the cost. Under the protection of abundant coal resources, the coal-water slurry has also become the most basic and economical clean energy to replace oil, gas, and other energy sources in China.

Coal water slurry is a new, efficient and clean coal-based fuel, a new member of the fuel family, it is composed of 65%-70% coal with a different particle size distribution, about 29-34% water, and about 1% chemical additives made mixture. After several rigorous processes, impurities such as incombustible components in the coal are screened out, and only the carbon essence is retained to become the essence of the coal-water slurry. It has oil-like fluidity and half the calorific value of oil and is called a liquid coal product. Coal water slurry technology includes key technologies such as coal water slurry preparation, storage, transportation, combustion, additives, etc. It is a system technology involving multiple disciplines. Coal water slurry has the characteristics of high combustion efficiency and low pollutant discharge, and can be used in power station boilers, industrial boilers, and industrial kilns for oil, gas, and coal combustion, as well as heating and domestic hot water for various buildings such as hotels, residences, hotels, and office buildings. It is an important part of today’s clean coal technology.
In the high-tech field of the environmental protection industry, most of China’s technologies and products lag behind the international advanced level, and coal-water slurry is an exception. China’s coal-water slurry technology takes precedence over foreign countries. This new energy is part of China’s energy strategy. occupies a very important position.

The coal-water slurry technology can also solve the problems of environmental protection and process adjustment of some coal-fired enterprises. And can use factory organic wastewater (such as papermaking black liquor) to make water coal for combustion. Therefore, coal-water slurry technology is more realistic at present, and it is also the most marketable clean coal technology in the 21st century.

Coal pipeline transportation has less investment, a short construction period, low operating cost, and is fully enclosed transportation, which does not pollute the environment. The coal-water slurry is transported to the terminal through the pipeline and can be burned by the user, and can be stored in a long-term airtight manner.


Advantages of Coal Water Slurry

Economy: CWS is a coal-based clean fuel, and my country’s energy structure determines that the price increase of coal is lower than that of fuel oil and gas.

Safety: CWS is a non-flammable fluid, and its safety is greatly improved compared to the flammable and explosive properties of the oil, gas, and pulverized coal.

Versatility: CWS is suitable for all kinds of boilers.

High efficiency: CWS has a high burnout rate and saves fuel.

Environmental protection: CWS is a deep clean coal technology, which meets environmental protection standards.


Transportation Of Coal Water Slurry

The twin-screw pump is the most ideal pump for conveying coal-water slurry and has a longer service life than the single-screw pump.

It can efficiently transport various high and low-viscosity media, especially the media that do not allow stirring and the media that are easy to vaporize. The twin-screw pump can also convey the medium smoothly and without pulsation under the condition of high temperature and high pressure.


Coal Slurry Pump

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