Common faults and treatment methods of twin-screw pumps

use of screw pump, twin screw pump

Twin-screw pumps are widely used in petrochemical, marine pharmaceutical, and other industries due to their strong self-priming ability, a wide range of conveying medium viscosity, no pulsation, no shearing, etc. In the process of use, there will inevitably be failures that need to be dealt with. The common faults of twin-screw pumps and their solutions are introduced in detail.


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1 Pump does not suck oil

If the suction line is blocked or leaks, check the suction line and clear or block the leak.

If the suction height of oil suction exceeds the allowable suction vacuum height, lower the suction height

If the motor reverses, change the direction of the motor

If the viscosity of the medium is too large, heat the medium to reduce the viscosity


2 The pressure gauge pointer fluctuates greatly

The suction line is leaking, check the suction line

If the safety valve is not adjusted properly or the working pressure is too large, adjust the safety valve or reduce the working pressure


3 Traffic drops

If the suction line is blocked or leaks, check the suction line and clear or block the leak.

The screw and the sleeve are seriously worn, and the parts should be replaced in time

Insufficient motor speed, repair or replace the motor

If the spring of the safety valve is too loose or the contact between the valve and the valve seat is not strict, adjust the spring, and grind the valve disc and valve seat.


twin screw pump


4-axis power increases dramatically

The discharge pipeline is blocked, stop the pump to clean the pipeline

Serious friction between the screw and the bushing, overhaul or replace the relevant parts

The viscosity of the medium is too high, and the medium is heated up


5 The pump vibrates greatly

The pump and the motor are not concentric, adjust the concentricity

The screw and the bushing are not concentric or the gap is large, eccentric wear, overhaul and adjust the concentricity or gap

There is air in the pump, check the suction pipeline and remove the air leakage

If the installation height is too large, cavitation will occur in the pump, reduce the installation height or reduce the speed


6 Pump heats up

Serious friction in the pump, check the adjustment screw and bushing clearance

The oil return hole of the mechanical seal is blocked, clear the oil return hole

If the oil temperature is too high, reduce the oil temperature appropriately


7 A large number of oil leaks from the mechanical seal

The assembly position is wrong, re-install as required

The sealing gland is not flattened, adjust the sealing gland

If the sealing surface of the moving ring and the static ring is damaged, grind the sealing surface or replace it with a new one

The dynamic and static ring seals are damaged, and the seals should be replaced


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