Daily maintenance of twin screw pump

thermic oil pump, Oil And Gas Industry. twin screw pump

1. Daily maintenance

1.1 Check the oil level in the gearbox when the twin screw pump is stopped. If necessary, remove the oil filling plug and add oil to the center of the oil level.

1.2 Listen for abnormal noise and vibration.

1.3 Check the pump for leaks while the pump is running.

NOTE: For mechanical seals, in most cases, no leakage will be observed from the seal drain hole due to vaporization, although small but steady leaks are sometimes allowed.

2. Weekly inspection and maintenance of twin screw pump

2.1 For the pump that has stopped working for more than a week, the inlet and outlet valves should be opened, and the electric motor should be turned on. source, jog the pump several times.

2.2 Check whether the valves on the inlet and outlet pipes can work normally.

3. Seasonal maintenance and maintenance

3.1 Check whether the nuts on all foundations and the bolts of the compression device are loose.

3.2 Installation stipulates that the oil of the gearbox should be changed every three months. Loosen the drain plug of the gearbox and drain the gear oil. Tighten the drain plug, open the oil filling plug, inject clean light oil, and clean the gearbox. After cleaning, open the drain plug, drain the light oil, tighten the drain plug, inject the specified gear oil from the oil filling plug port to the middle of the oil mark, and tighten the oil filling plug.

4. Annual maintenance and maintenance

4.1 Check the alignment of the coupling of the twin screw pump.

4.2 Check the flow, pressure, and power of the pump against the values ​​on the nameplates of the pump and motor. If necessary, in the event of a significant drop in pressure and flow, the pump should be disassembled and repaired, and damaged parts replaced and repaired. Of course, if the performance of the pump is still satisfactory, there is no need to disassemble the pump for maintenance.


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thermic oil pump, Oil And Gas Industry. twin screw pump
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