Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

The dry screw vacuum pump is a technological product with a very high technical content. It is mainly used in a high-purity vacuum process. The vacuum degree is extremely high, which can adapt to harsh working conditions. , and easy to do anti-corrosion treatment, especially suitable for electronics, chemical industry, biomedicine, metal processing, food processing, and other fields.

The dry screw vacuum pump is an air extraction device that uses a pair of screws to perform synchronous high-speed reverse rotation in the pump casing to generate suction and exhaust. The two screws are corrected by fine dynamic balance, supported by bearings, and installed in the pump. In the shell, there is a certain gap between the screw and the screw, so when the pump is working, there is no friction between each other, the operation is stable, the noise is low, and the working cavity does not need lubricating oil.

Therefore, the dry screw pump can remove a large amount of water vapor. In the case of gas with a small amount of dust, the ultimate vacuum is higher, the power consumption is lower, and it has the advantages of energy saving and maintenance-free. It is an updated product of the traditional vacuum pump and has great market prospects in the future.


The core part of the screw vacuum pump, the screw rotor, is designed and solved by using a three-dimensional surface mathematical model. The entity of the model is processed on a five-coordinate CNC equipment. It has high precision, reliable quality, and stable performance, ensuring long-term trouble-free operation of the product.

The independent innovation of this product, product quality, and the price has strong market competitiveness, can replace imported products in a large range, the market demand is large, will be used in chemical, metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, aerospace, tools, paper, packaging, food, medicine, medical equipment, as well as more than 100 fields such as information engineering, bioengineering, microelectronics, etc., to fully replace the current vacuum equipment with low technical content.

Performance characteristics

  1. There is no medium in the working chamber, and a clean vacuum can be obtained
  2. The surface of the working cavity and the screw rotor has anti-corrosion coating, which can adapt to harsh working conditions
  3. The gas is not compressed in the pump, which is suitable for extracting condensable gas
  4. A single pump can pump from the atmosphere to 1Pa, and the vacuum system can be greatly simplified.
  5. The water temperature has little effect on the vacuum, saves more than 90% of water, and even does not consume water.
  6. No fuel consumption, no dripping
  7. There is no friction between the rotating parts, it can run at high speed, and the whole machine is small in size
  8. Simple structure and easy maintenance.
  9. The pumped gas is directly discharged from the pump body, with no water pollution, and no environmental protection pressure and gas recovery is more convenient.
  10. It can be combined with a Roots pump and molecular pump to form an oil-free unit

Working Principle

Similar to the screw compressor, the working process of the screw dry vacuum pump can be divided into three processes: suction, compression, and exhaust. As the rotor rotates, each pair of intermeshing teeth completes the same work cycle in succession and is now described with one pair of teeth.

Inhalation process

The male rotor rotates counterclockwise, and the female screw rotates clockwise. The upper rotor end face is the suction section, and the lower end face is the exhaust end face.

Compression process

Turning to the end face is the exhaust end face. Here, the male rotor rotates clockwise, and the female rotor rotates counterclockwise. The upper rotor end face is the suction section, and the lower end face is the exhaust end face.

Exhaust process

In the exhaust process of the screw pump, the exhaust process starts after the inter-tooth volume is connected to the exhaust port. With the continuous reduction of the inter-tooth volume, the gas with exhaust pressure is gradually discharged through the exhaust orifice,


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