General rules for installation and maintenance of rubber slicers

  1. Installation requirements

1.1. The ground of the installation foundation of the unit is required to be flat; the installation foundation is recommended to be made of a bracket-type steel structure; the steel structure has a cutting opening at the cutting part of the slicer, and the width of the cutting opening is about 750. The steel structure bracket can be made into bracket 1 and bracket 2 with reference to the drawings. The unit is erected on these two brackets. The discharge port can be set with a chute, or a receiving tray as shown in the figure.

1.2. The total weight of the unit is about 1.6 tons, and the support setting should consider the operating conditions under the condition of slight vibration of the unit;

1.3. After the unit is installed, the coaxial tolerance of the coupling should be strictly checked and controlled within the range of 0.08. Whether the end face clearance of the half coupling is controlled within the specified range

1.4. The installation and commissioning of the unit shall be deemed as qualified after 10 minutes of continuous operation without abnormal phenomenon.

  1. Work before starting

2.1 Before use, check whether the unit is placed properly;

2.2 Check and rotate the coupling to see if the operation is flexible. When it cannot be manually operated, check the condition of the unit. If it is not used for a long time, it is necessary to pay special attention to the flexibility of rotation before starting the machine (manual operation can be performed);

2.3 Jog before starting the machine, and the direction of motor rotation must be checked, and must not be reversed;

2.4 Before starting the machine, check whether lubricating oil has been added to the upper scale of the oil mark in the gearbox. Low viscosity turbine oil is recommended for lubricating oil;;

2.5 The driver (motor or diesel engine, etc.) can only work after the above work is completed.

  1. Keep

3.1 The storage warehouse should be kept dry and well ventilated to avoid corrosion, and the shaft should be rotated regularly;

3.2 If long-term storage or improper storage, rust has occurred, it should be disassembled and cleaned again, and the scale should be removed, and the parts during assembly should be coated with oil to avoid rust.

  1. Maintenance matters

4.1 If the drive has abnormal sound, it should stop immediately and find out the reason;

4.2 When there is obvious vibration during slicing and the motor load is close to full load, stop the machine immediately and find out the reason.

  1. Common faults and troubleshooting methods

5.1. Large vibration and noise: check whether the slicer is stuck inside and remove the blockage; check the bearing for damage and replace the bearing

5.2. The motor power is increased: check whether the slices of the microtome have been passivated, and replace the blades in time.

  1. Installation diagram of rubber slicer

rubber slicer

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