High-efficiency and energy-saving screw pump promotes environmental protection

In the current stage of oil field development, the screw pump is an advanced new mechanical oil recovery technology. In the process of oil and liquid lifting in oil wells, the screw pump has the characteristics of large pumping force, high pressure, strong pumping effect, good stability and low shear force. It is suitable for both onshore oil well production and offshore oil production needs far away from the land. In oil, gas and liquid production operations, it plays an important role in preventing theft, protecting the environment, increasing production and increasing efficiency, and is favoured by mine operators.


1. The screw pump highlights the increase in production and efficiency

Shengli Xianhe Oil Production Plant uses a screw pump liquid extraction method for extraction and has achieved significant results in increasing production and efficiency. The Caogu 1 block is one of the main productive blocks in the Anle Oilfield. With years of rapid development, the “violent” flooding of oil wells caused by the formation of bottomwater has become increasingly prominent. Conventional mining methods and compound sealing have been less effective in controlling bottom water year by year. get worse. Through the large-displacement screw pump liquid extraction and oil production test, the “water-controlled and stable oil production method” was changed to the “large-displacement liquid extraction method”; by optimizing the technical parameters, the oil well production hour rate was improved, and the bottom water reservoir was fully explored. potential.

The large-displacement screw pump uses a multi-head screw pump for liquid extraction. It has the characteristics of large displacement, high pressure, and low shear force. It is suitable for the needs of large-displacement oil pumping and liquid extraction, and can effectively solve the problem of sucker rods. It can easily break off and control the depth of the pump, and it can also maintain the dynamic balance of stable pressure difference, constant liquid extraction volume and oil supply volume so that the oil well productivity can be fully utilized.


2. Screw pump promotes safety, anti-theft and environmental protection


The No. 1 Oil Production Mine of the Linpan Oil Production Plant of Shengli Oilfield put the screw pump into production as a “blow-down pump”. In just one year, it recovered more than 1,500 tons of landed oil and saved an economic loss of 2.8 million yuan.

In recent years, with the deterioration of the security environment in oil areas, the activities of criminals have become increasingly rampant, and single wells and mixed pump pipelines have been drilled to steal oil. After analysis by engineering and geological technicians, it was believed that the main reason was defects in the venting method. In the past, when criminals damaged pipelines, small-shift workers simply discharged the crude oil into the vent tank. As a result, the oil that fell to the ground could not be recovered at all and was robbed by criminals. The pollution area was even larger, and it was not conducive to the management of the metering station. And criminals who “have tasted the sweetness” are driven by economic interests and will steal and cut pipelines more frequently. Therefore, if we want to cut off this “cancer”, we must start by changing the way of short selling.

After the application of this technology, the loss of crude oil and environmental pollution caused by external discharge have been reduced, the progress of pipeline maintenance has been accelerated, and the oil well efficiency has been improved. Moreover, due to the change in short-selling methods, the “financial source” of illegal oil thieves has been blocked, and the occurrence of sabotage has been effectively reduced. The screw pump protects the “longevity” of oil wells. The oil wells produced by introducing screw pump technology are the backbone of crude oil production in Shengli Chengdao Oilfield. The number of “longevity” screw pump wells offshore in Chengdao is increasing year by year.

Because the screw pump has the characteristics of a large pumping force and good stability, it is very suitable for offshore oil production needs far away from the land. Since the “Ninth Five-Year Plan”, the technical personnel of Shengli Offshore Oil Development Company, combined with the underground dynamics and production characteristics of Chengdao Oilfield, have reasonably introduced advanced screw pump oil production technology and promoted its use in a large area. With the deepening understanding of screw pump oil production technology and the improvement of operating technology, the screw pump oil production technology has gradually been improved in Chengdao Oilfield. Through six years of on-site practice and operations, the company’s technical staff have successively improved and implemented technological measures such as screw pump hollow rod technology, double-head screw pump technology, screw pump frequency conversion soft start technology, etc., forming a relatively complete offshore screw pump oil production technology. The system has shown a good situation in which offshore “long-lived” screw pump production wells are increasing year by year. The “longevity” (long maintenance-free period) of screw pump wells in Shengli Chengdao Oilfield has become a common phenomenon, laying a solid foundation for the improvement of oil well production hours and the growth of output. According to statistics, the maintenance-free period of screw pump wells in Chengdao Oilfield exceeds 2 years. There are 36 wells with a maintenance-free period of more than 3 years (1098 days), 16 wells with a maintenance-free period of more than 3 years (1098 days), 9 wells with a maintenance-free period of more than 4 years (1466 days), and a maintenance-free period of more than 5 years (1826 days). There is one well, which has made outstanding achievements in the leapfrog growth of crude oil production in the offshore oil field of Shengli Oilfield, and also provided a reliable guarantee for the sustained and stable development of the oil field.


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