How to do screw pump maintenance and overhauling?

screw pump maintenance

The screw pump is a commonly used pump for conveying viscous liquids. It has the advantages of a simple structure, stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, and long life. However, if the maintenance and repair of the screw pump are not paid attention to, its performance and service life will be affected, and even failure and damage will be caused. Therefore, in the process of using the screw pump, we should follow the following principles:


screw pump maintenance


1) Regularly check the working status of the screw pump, observe the flow rate, pressure, temperature, vibration, noise, and other indicators of the pump, and find and eliminate abnormal phenomena in time.

2) Regularly replace the lubricating oil of the screw pump to keep the oil clean and prevent the oil and impurities from wearing and corroding the pump. Under normal circumstances, the lubricating oil should be replaced every 1000 hours or so.

3) Regularly clean the inlet and outlet filters of the screw pump to prevent clogging and contamination. The filter should choose the appropriate specification and model according to the viscosity and impurity content of the liquid to ensure the stability of flow and pressure.

4. Regularly disassemble the main parts of the screw pump, check the degree of wear of the screw, sleeve, bearing, seal, and other parts, and replace or repair as necessary. When disassembling and installing, care should be taken to keep the parts clean and intact to avoid damage or wrong installation.

5. Regularly carry out performance tests on screw pumps, detect pump efficiency, flow characteristics, pressure characteristics, and other parameters, evaluate the working conditions of the pumps, and determine the period and content of maintenance and overhaul.

How to do a good job in the maintenance and overhauling of the screw pump


Maintenance of screw pump

The maintenance of the screw pump is mainly divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance.

1. Daily maintenance

Daily maintenance refers to the basic inspection and treatment before and after each use of the screw pump or every day, mainly including the following aspects:

(1) Check whether the power supply is normal, whether the motor is overloaded, and whether the steering is correct.

(2) Check whether the inlet and outlet valves are closed, whether the pipeline is unobstructed, and whether there is any leakage.

(3) Check whether the shaft seal is leaking, whether the packing or mechanical seal is worn, and whether it needs to be replaced or adjusted.

(4) Check the oil level, oil quality, and oil temperature of the lubricating oil, and whether it needs to be replenished or replaced.

(5) Check whether the cooling water, sealing oil, and lubrication system are working normally and whether there are defects such as leakage, leakage, etc.

(6) Check whether the coupling is aligned, loose, or damaged.

(7) Check whether the clearance of the synchronous gear is appropriate and whether there is wear or abnormal sound.

(8) Check whether the operating parameters of the screw pump, such as flow, pressure, temperature, vibration, etc., are within the normal range.

(9) Check whether safety valves, pressure gauges, and other accessories are intact and reliable and whether they are stuck or malfunctioning.

(10) After transporting rubber or sewage media, the remaining media in the pump chamber should be cleaned with clean water in time, and the accumulated fluid should be drained to avoid failures such as blockage, jamming, and difficulty in opening.


2. Regular maintenance

1) Check the working conditions of the screw pump every day, observe whether there are abnormal sounds, vibrations, temperature rise, leakage, etc., and find and deal with problems in time.

2) Check the lubricating oil of the screw pump every week, check the oil level, oil quality, oil temperature, and other indicators, and replace or supplement the lubricating oil as needed. The quality and quantity of lubricating oil directly affect the operating efficiency and life of the screw pump.

3) Check the seals of the screw pump every month, such as shaft seals, packing, etc., check for wear, aging, deformation, etc., and replace or adjust the seals as needed. The state of the seal directly affects the sealing performance and safety of the screw pump.

4. Check the bearings of the screw pump every quarter, such as rolling bearings, sliding bearings, etc., check for wear, damage, looseness, etc., and replace or adjust the bearings as needed. The state of the bearing directly affects the smooth rotation and noise level of the screw pump.

5. Check the main parts of the screw pump every year, such as screw, casing, inlet, and outlet, etc., check for cracks, deformation, corrosion, etc., and replace or repair parts as needed. The state of the main components directly affects the delivery capacity and reliability of the screw pump.


Overhauling of screw pump

The contents of the overhaul mainly include the following points:

1. Stop the operation of the pump, cut off the power supply and the inlet and outlet valves, and empty the liquid and gas in the pump.

2. Disassemble the casing and internal parts of the pump, clean them, and check for damage such as cracks, wear, or deformation.

3. Replace or repair damaged parts, such as screws, bearings, seals, etc.

4. Reinstall the components and housing according to the original position and orientation, paying attention to alignment and tightening.

5. Add new lubricating oil and adjust the oil level to a proper position.

6. Test run the pump, observe whether there is any abnormal phenomenon, and adjust the working parameters to the best state.

Through the above maintenance and inspection, the normal operation of the screw pump can be effectively guaranteed and its service life can be extended. Of course, during the maintenance process, we must also pay attention to safe operation and prevent environmental pollution. I hope this article can provide some reference and guidance for you. If you have any needs for twin screw pumps, please contact us. We are a professional twin screw pump manufacturer and supplier, we will provide you with quality products and se


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