How to ensure the operation and quality of the screw pump

quality of the screw pump

1. Selection of the speed of the screw pump

The flow rate of the screw pump has a linear relationship with the speed. Compared with the low-speed screw pump, the high-speed screw pump can increase the flow rate and head, but the power is significantly increased. The high speed accelerates the wear between the rotor and the stator, which must make The screw pump fails prematurely, and the stator and rotor length of the high-speed screw pump are very short, which is easy to wear, thus shortening the service life of the screw pump. The speed is reduced by a reducer or a stepless speed regulating mechanism so that the speed is kept within a reasonable range below 300 revolutions per minute. Compared with a high-speed screw pump, the service life can be extended several times.

2. The quality of the screw pump

There are many types of screw pumps on the market. Relatively speaking, the imported screw pumps have reasonable design and excellent materials, but the price is high, and some services are not in place. The price of accessories is high and the order cycle is long, which may affect normal production. run. Most of the domestically produced products imitate imported products, and the product quality varies. When selecting domestically produced products, when considering their cost performance, choose products with low speed, long lead, high-quality transmission components, and long-rated life.

3. Ensure that debris does not enter the pump body

The solid debris mixed in the wet sludge will damage the rubber stator of the screw pump, so it is very important to ensure that the debris does not enter the cavity of the pump. Many sewage plants have installed pulverizers in front of the pumps, and some have installed The grille device or filter screen to prevent debris from entering the screw pump, and the grille should be cleaned in time to avoid blockage.

4. Avoid material breakage

The screw pump is never allowed to run under the condition of cutting material. Once it happens, the rubber stator will be burnt due to dry friction due to high temperature in an instant. Therefore, the pulverizer is in good condition and the grid is unblocked. In addition, some screw pumps are also equipped with a material cut-off stop device on the pump body. When the material is cut off, due to the self-priming function of the screw pump, a vacuum will be generated in the cavity, and the vacuum device will stop the screw pump from running.

5. Maintain a constant outlet pressure

The screw pump is a positive displacement rotary pump. When the outlet end is blocked, the pressure will gradually increase, so that it exceeds the predetermined pressure value. At this time, the motor load increases sharply. The load on the relevant parts of the transmission machinery will also exceed the design value. In severe cases, the motor will burn out and the transmission parts will break. In order to avoid damage to the screw pump, a bypass relief valve is generally installed at the outlet of the screw pump to stabilize the outlet pressure and maintain the normal operation of the pump.


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