Internal Gear Pump

Principle of Internal Gear Pump

The meshing gear pump adopts the principle of internal meshing of gears. The pitch circles of the inner and outer gears are close to one side, and the other side is separated by a “crescent plate” on the pump cover. The driving inner gear on the main shaft drives the outer gears to rotate in the same direction. At the inlet, the gears are separated from each other to form a negative pressure to suck in the liquid, and the gears are continuously embedded and meshed at the outlet to squeeze the liquid out.
Because of this unique structure, it is especially suitable for conveying medium with high viscosity, the viscosity range is 0.2-1000000cp.

  1. The internal gear pump can be conveyed in reverse, as long as the rotation of the motor is replaced;
  2. The pump body of the internal gear pump can be steered, and the inlet and outlet positions are at right angles, which is convenient for selecting inlet and outlet positions;
  3. The internal gear pump has a convenient connection between the pump body, the end cover and the bearing seat for the inlet and outlet of the heat preservation or cooling medium.
  4. The internal gear pump has the advantages of trapped oil, stable delivery, high efficiency, low noise and long service life


Application of Internal Gear Pump

The internal gear pump is suitable for conveying Newtonian liquid or non-Newtonian liquid in petroleum, chemical, paint, dye, food, grease, medicine and other industries. Even semi-solid liquids.



Internal gear pump materials are cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, etc.


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