Labyrinth Seal Of The Pumps

1. How does a labyrinth seal work?

The labyrinth seal is composed of a number of ring-shaped sealing teeth arranged in sequence. A series of throttling gaps and expansion spaces are formed between the teeth and the rotor. The fluid passes through many tortuous passages. Leakage to achieve the purpose of sealing.


2. What are the effective ways for the labyrinth seal to increase the medium resistance?

1) reduce the gap,

2) Strengthen the swirl,

3) Increase the number of sealing teeth,

4) Try to convert the kinetic energy of the airflow into heat energy


3. What are the factors that affect the sealing of the labyrinth?

1) The radial clearance is too large, or the clearance of the newly replaced air seal ring is too small;

2) The sealing sheet or air seal ring, between the teeth becomes blunt due to wear, or is deformed after being heated after long-term wear, causing damage and cannot be used;

3) After long-term use, the spring becomes loose and deformed, so that the air seal ring cannot be in place. After the operation, the dust and dirt deposit and accumulates, because the pressure of the sealed medium is lower than the pressure of the working medium or the pressure are unstable.


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