LPG Screw Pump

LPG Gas Petrol Pump

During the operation of the liquefied gas screw pump, a key point is the pressure control of the equipment. The maintenance of high pressure for a long time is likely to cause damage to the equipment, so we will decompress the equipment. Generally, the nature and state of the medium conveyed by the liquefied gas screw pump are complex, which may cause blockage in the pipeline.

The LPG screw pump is a positive displacement type pump, and when a blockage or human error occurs, the pump will be overpressured and its components can be easily damaged. So be sure to install a valve between the pump’s discharge pipe and the suction pipe. A pressure relay can also be installed in the outlet pipeline to automatically alarm and stop the pump when the pump exceeds the rated pressure.

In the actual design of the mixed transportation process of LPG screw pumps, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze many factors such as oil and gas mixed transportation volume, oil and gas ratio, oil production back pressure, oil and gas production, transportation distance, etc., and select the appropriate mixed transportation pump type according to the specific conditions of the oil area. , to develop a reasonable process layout.

In this mixed transportation system, two liquefied gas screw pumps are connected in parallel, and the pipelines are arranged symmetrically; the pressure transmission signal of the inlet pipeline is sent to the electric control cabinet, and the pump displacement is adjusted by the frequency converter to realize constant pressure control at the pump inlet; The flow valve plays the role of preventing the backflow of the medium and the reverse of the mixing pump. Before the pump, ensure the uninterrupted liquid supply of the pump, and the separation tank plays a buffer role. The pump outlet pressure relay signal is sent to the electric control cabinet to realize automatic overpressure alarm and automatic pump stop.

The liquefied gas screw pump is suitable for gas-liquid mixed transportation, with simple operation, convenient maintenance and good self-priming capacity. The stable operation of the equipment is not only related to its own quality, but also the composition of the structure plays an important role. During the working process of the liquefied gas screw pump, a seal is formed between the screw sleeve and the screw sleeve as well as the screw sleeve and the lining hole. The liquid enters the pump through the inlet, and then enters the sealing chamber. delivered to the exit.

Bearings and synchronizing gears are lubricated by the gear oil in the gearbox. During operation, there is no contact between the screw sleeve and the screw sleeve, and between the screw sleeve and the bushing, allowing non-lubricating media to be transported. Due to the special design of the inlet flow channel and the relatively small axial phase velocity of the liquid during operation, the NPSH value of the pump is very small and the pump has a good suction capacity.


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