Lubrication Of The Pump

1. What are the types of lubrication of pumps?

1) Drip oil lubrication
2) Oil mist lubrication
3) Splash lubrication
4) Pressure lubrication
5) dry oil cup lubrication


2. What factors should be considered when selecting lubricating oil for pumps?

1) Movement speed
2) The nature of the movement
3) Working temperature
4) Pressure relationship
5) Fitting properties of friction surfaces
6) Surface roughness


3. What are the functions of lubricants?

1) Cooling effect
2) Anti-rust effect
3) Cooling effect
4) flushing effect
5) Control friction
6) Reduce wear and tear
7) Vibration reduction
8) Sealing effect


4. What occasions are calcium-based grease, sodium-based grease, and lithium-based grease suitable for?

1) Calcium-based grease: water-resistant, can be used in wet workplaces, but not high-temperature resistant, the temperature range of use is -10~60 degrees;
2) Sodium-based grease: high-temperature resistance, but not water resistance, the temperature range of use is -10~110 degrees;
3) Lithium-based grease: It has a heat resistance and water resistance, and the temperature range of use is -20~1200 degrees;


5. What are the “five rules” for the management of pump lubricants?

For the pump, it should be done: fixed point, timing, qualitative, quantitative, fixed personnel, inspection, and refueling, so as to ensure the normal operation of the pump;


6. What is the rationale for the importance of lubrication to machine pumps?

The lubricant can be firmly attached to the friction surface of the machine to form an oil film. This oil film and the friction surface of the machine are strongly combined. The two lubricating surfaces are separated by lubricant so that the friction of the machine becomes a lubricant. Molecular friction, thereby reducing friction and wear, prolonging the service life of parts.


7. What are the reasons for the oil leakage of the pump lubricated with engine oil?

1) The oil level is too high, and oil leaks along the inner hole of the bearing cover at both ends of the bearing box;

2) Oil leaks at the static sealing point, such as the oil drain wire is blocked;

3) Oil leaks from the joint surface of the bearing gland and the bearing;


8. What role does the lubricant play in the bearing rotation process?

1) Lubricating effect

2) Cooling effect

3) Washing effect

4) Anti-rust effect

5) Sealing effect

6) Cushioning and vibration reduction effect

7) Anti-friction and wear effect;


9. What are the main properties of lubricating oil?

Answer: acid value, viscosity, viscosity index, flash point, mechanical impurities, freezing point, residual carbon, ash.


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