Meat sauce delivery pump

Recently, I received an inquiry from a customer. They are from a meat factory. Now they are looking for a pump that can transport meat sauce smoothly. Some manufacturers will also think about which pump to use when choosing a meat sauce delivery pump, which meets the hygienic standards. , and has a long service life, and the later maintenance cost is also low.

Therefore, the selected delivery pump needs to have higher outlet pressure and higher hygienic performance. Because of its special working principle, the twin-screw pump uses a strong drive system to ensure that the twin-screw pump can output a strong drive at a low speed. Torque can ensure continuous and non-stop conveying of materials with little fluidity such as meat sauce, and can ensure that the material properties of the materials will not be damaged during the conveying process.

Our twin-screw pumps also support idling and forward and reverse rotation. Secondly, there are basically no dead angles in the structure of the twin-screw pump and the pump cavity, and the viscosity of the medium that can be transported can be as high as 2,000,000CP. Nowadays, the automation of the production line is getting higher and higher, and at the same time, more and more CIP automatic cleaning systems are used, which shows the advantages of twin-screw pumps.

When conveying meat sauce, if a twin-screw pump is used, the pump body is made of stainless steel, the bushing is made of food rubber, and the flow-passing parts are also made of stainless steel. The pump has a simple structure and can be quickly disassembled without special tools. The vibration is small, there is no pulsation, and the operation is stable. Moreover, the pump has good suction performance, low noise, can be reversed, and can also transport gas-containing gas under negative pressure. medium.


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