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1. Oil recovery methods in oilfield

The basic task of oil extraction is to maximize the extraction of crude oil from the formation to the ground under economic conditions. Oil wells are channels that connect the formation to the ground. Crude oil flows to the surface through oil wells.

The oil recovery method usually refers to the method used to recover the crude oil flowing to the bottom of the well to the ground, which can be basically divided into two categories: one is to rely on the energy of the oil layer itself to spray the oil onto the ground, which is called the self-injection oil recovery method; The other type is to use external supplementary energy to recover oil to the ground, becoming artificial lift or mechanical oil recovery methods.

1) self-injection oil recovery method

Self-injection oil recovery is the most economical and simplest method, which can save a lot of power equipment and maintenance management costs. The basic content of blowout well management includes three aspects: managing the oil production pressure difference, obtaining all accurate data, and ensuring the normal production of oil wells.

2) rod pump oil production method

In the process of oilfield development, the formation energy gradually decreases, and in a certain period of time, the oil formation energy will not be enough to make the oilfield spontaneously spray; in addition, some oilfields, due to the small original formation energy or thick oil, cannot spontaneously spray at the beginning, and must use the Mechanical energy is mined. The main methods are: beam-type deep well pump devices, hydraulic piston pumps, jet pumps, electric submersible pumps,s and gas lift oil production.

3) submersible electric pump oil recovery method

The submersible electric pump is a kind of mechanical oil recovery method. The electric submersible pump is a multi-stage centrifugal pump that works underground. It is lowered into the well together with the tubing. The ground power supply transmits electric energy to the submersible motor downhole through the transformer, control panel, and power cable so that the submersible motor drives the multi-stage centrifugal pump to rotate. Convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and lift the well fluid in the oil well to the surface.


2. Oilfield Development Procedures

For an oil field with an industrial value, after preliminary proving its area and reserves, it is first necessary to formulate an oil field development plan and determine the development deployment, so that the oil field can be put into development in a planned way. The oilfield development procedure is to properly resolve the contradiction between knowing oilfields and developing oilfields.

The basic principles for formulating reasonable development procedures are:

1) For oilfields with large oil-bearing areas and great changes in geological characteristics, should be put into development in zones. First, open up a production test area, dissect typical models, gain experience, understand one area, develop one area, and gradually expand the development area.

2) For heterogeneous oilfields with multiple oil layers, the development layers should be divided and put into development. First, develop main oil layers with stable oil layer distribution, high permeability, and independent development conditions. Know a hierarchy and develop a hierarchy.

3) For each development layer system in each development zone, should be put into development step by step. There must be a set of mining measures and steps suitable for the geological characteristics of the oilfield, which should be divided and ruled, one step of practice and one step of adjustment.


3. Development plan

Under certain social and economic conditions, there may only be one of the best development plans, which is the so-called reasonable development plan. The principles for formulating and selecting a reasonable development plan are:

1. Under the principle that the objective conditions of the oil field allow, the development of the oil field at a high speed;

2. Make the best use of natural resources to ensure the highest crude oil recovery in the oil field;

3. Has the best economic effect;

4. The oilfield has a long stable production time, that is, long-term high and stable production.


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