Cargo Oil Pump

Our cargo oil pump is a positive displacement pump, which can be widely used in the shipbuilding industry. (Transporting various lubricants, fuel oil, crude oil, refined oil, and various chemicals (including acid, alkali, salt) loading and unloading, cleaning, ballast, pressurization)

Structural features and advantages 

cargo oil pump


Excellent self-priming performance,Even if the conveyed medium has a high viscosity.

No Pulsation

No pulsation,continuous and smooth supply of liquid medium.

No Stirring

No stirring medium, no emulsification medium.

Stable Pressure

The pressure of the conveying medium is stable and the flow rate is constant.

Low Noise Long Service Life

Low vibration, no direct mechanical wear, low noise and long service life.

twin screw pump, double suction pump

The pump of this structure is a double-suction horizontal installation. Through the bearing positioning, the two screws do not contact each other in the bushing, and a constant gap is maintained between the tooth sides (the gap value is determined by the working conditions and the specifications of the pump itself). There is also a constant gap between the circle and the inner surface of the bushing. The transmission of the two screws is completed by synchronous gears. In addition to transporting good lubricating media, this structure can also transport a large amount of non-lubricating media and media of various viscosities. Since the core working parts of the screw sleeve do not touch each other, there is no danger even if it runs dry for a short time (3~5min). Therefore, it is widely used.

The pump of this structure can realize forward and reverse operation (It is a unique structure designed by our company, please request it in the contract if you need this function)

Performance Range of Our

Cargo Oil Pump

Flow: 10~2000 m3/h (large flow can only be achieved at low viscosity)

Inlet pressure: -0.05~0.8 MPa

Outlet pressure: 0.1~4.0 MPa

Medium temperature: -20~200 ºC

Medium viscosity: 0.5~100000 mm2/s

Speed: 50~1500 r/min


It should be noted that the performance parameters corresponding to each series are different. When selecting models, please contact us anytime, our professional technician will provide you correspond information.

The import and export direction of the pump is determined by the user. When there is no special requirement for the import and export direction of the pump, our company recommends the horizontal direction, which is left in and right out when viewed from the direction of the motor.

After confirming the model, if you need more detailed drawings and installation dimensions, please contact us and our technical department will answer for it. Besides, if you have any requirements about the specifications of the inlet and outlet flanges of the pump, please also negotiate with us.

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