furnace oil transfer pump

furnace oil transfer pump

  • Energy Saving
  • High Efficiency
  • Environmental Protection

The furnace oil transfer pump can be used to transport diesel oil, lubricating oil, fuel oil, hydraulic oil, etc. It is widely used in oil transportation and filling, as well as industrial pipeline transportation, and more used in various hydraulic equipment.

furnace oil transfer pump For Sale

1)Double suction twin-screw pump.  The spiral surface adopts an advanced Ω-shaped symmetrical form

2) The pump is positioned by the bearing, the two screws do not contact each other in the bushing, and between the tooth sides, the outer circle of the screw and the inner circle of the bushing maintain a constant gap, and the transmission of the two screws is completed by the synchronous gear. In addition to transporting good lubricating media, this structure can also transport a large amount of non-lubricating media and media of various viscosities. As the core working parts screw sleeves do not touch each other, there is no danger even if they run dry for a short time (3~5min). Therefore, it is widely used.

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Performance Range:

  • Flow: 10~2000 m3/h
  • Inlet pressure: -0.05~0.8 MPa
  • Outlet pressure: 0.1~4.0 MPa
  • Medium temperature: -20~200 ℃
  • Medium viscosity: 0.5~100000 mm2/
  • Speed: 50~1500 r/min

Application Examples

1. Used as a pump for oil delivery, pouring and loading in tank farm

2. Fuel transfer pumps, fuel injection pumps, etc.

3. Shipbuilding Industry: used as marine loading pump, scavenger pump, marine ballast pump, main engine lubricating oil pump, cargo oil pump, etc.

This furnace oil transfer pump can realize forward and reverse work (the unique structure of our company’s products, please request it in the contract if necessary)
The pump is suitable for the delivery of various flowable liquids. The conveyed materials include all kinds of dirty oil and so on. It is suitable for applications with large flow (generally more than 80 m3/h) or (and) high pressure (more than 3MPa). When the flow is small and the pressure is not high, it is recommended to use our BY2GX single-suction pump instead.

Related Products

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Fuel injection pump

Transport of low-viscosity media under high-pressure conditions with still high volumetric efficiency. And the conveyed medium should have certain lubricity.
Application example: It is used in high pressure lubrication systems, hydraulic systems, combustion systems, heating systems, etc. in metallurgy, electric power and other industries.

high-efficiency pump

high-efficiency pump

Conveying various liquids with certain lubricity. Its advantages are that compared with other screw pumps, the mechanical efficiency of conveying is the highest and the energy saving effect is good. Especially suitable for conveying asphalt, heavy oil, etc. Lubrication system, hydraulic system, combustion system, etc. for metallurgy, electric power and other industries

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high-pressure pump

Fuel high pressure delivery pump, oil high pressure delivery twin screw pump.
This product is a double-suction structure of a twin-screw pump, and the spiral surface adopts a special high-sealing curve with independent intellectual property rights;
The pump of this structure can realize long-distance transportation of various media


We pay much attention to the spirit of the contract, and we can unconditionally solve any quality problems with the furnace oil transfer pump sold. 

Pre-sales consulting service
We recommend suitable products according to the actual working conditions and needs of customers. Pumps can also be developed and designed according to needs, and customized services can be provided. During the epidemic, we also provide remote detection technical support.
Strict quality control
From raw materials to the production process before leaving our factory, all performance indicators are strictly tested, and the professional QC team controls each process. Product quality is our foundation.
After-sales service
Products sold, the quality conditions of them are still tracked throughout the using process, and our technicians will guide the installations and uses throughout the process. We promise that we can unconditionally solve any quality problems with the pumps sold. 
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