PVA Pump

PVA Pump

  • Energy Saving
  • High Efficiency
  • Environmental Protection

Our PVA pump has high efficiency in the transportation of high-viscosity PVA, aramid fiber, spandex and other stock solutions.

Features of our PVA Pump

When the pump is used to transport high-viscosity corrosive media, it adopts a unique combination of packing seal and ceramic-plated journal. The performance and service life of the seal are ahead of similar products at home and abroad.

No Pulsation

Because the screw pump moves the medium in axial translation, it conveys the medium smoothly without pulsation, and has a good energy saving effect.

Long Life Low Noise

The spiral profile of PVA pump is not in contact, with low noise and long service life.

Corrosion Risistant

It can be designed as a heat preservation, sealed cooling system, suitable for medium transportation in high temperature, corrosion, abrasion and other occasions.

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