Thick Liquid Transfer Pump

thick liquid transfer pump

  • Energy Saving
  • High Efficiency
  • Environmental Protection

The pump is suitable for conveying almost immobile liquids of various extremely viscous materials.

Features of thick liquid transfer pump

a single-suction cantilever structure

In this structure, the two screws of the pump do not touch each other in the bushing, and a constant gap is maintained between the tooth sides. The transmission of the two screws is completed by synchronous gears. There is independent lubrication in the gearbox, which is separated from the working chamber of the pump;

For almost immobile liquids

The pump uniquely adopts the structure in the form of a propeller in front of the screw sleeve, which greatly improves the requirements for the transportation of extremely viscous materials, and is suitable for the transportation of various extremely viscous materials and almost immobile liquids.

Screw Pump

The screw pump is by far one of the most ideal conveying pumps for conveying high viscosity, gas-liquid mixed and liquefied medium.

thick liquid transfer pump

Performance Range

1. Flow: 2~20 m3/h

2. Inlet pressure: -0.05~0.8 MPa

3. Outlet pressure: 0.1~4.0 MPa

4. Medium temperature: -20~200 ℃

5. Media viscosity: up to approx. 5 million mm2/s

6. Speed: 50~300 r/min

The inlet and outlet directions of the pump are in the upward and rearward (code “i”) structure.

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