The performance parameters corresponding to each series are different. Please contact our professional technician any time when selecting models.


Asphalt Pump, Heavy Oil Pump, high-efficiency pump

A-line High-efficiency Pump

Asphalt pump, heavy oil pump; for lubrication, hydraulic systems; in metallurgy, electric power, etc.

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BY2GX Type Small Flow Pump

Lpg pump, small flow pump, LPG gas pump

low viscosity pump,fuel injection pump,diesel injection pump,screw pump,twin screw pump,positive displacement pump,positive displacement,pd pump,displacement pump

BY2GN Fuel Injection Pump

Fuel injection pump, heavy oil injection pump, low viscosity pump

food pump

BY2GXB Stainless Steel Pump

Chemical transfer pump, chocolate transfer pump, food oil pump, adhesive pumps, etc.

Food Pump, Chemical Pump,

BY2GSB Type Stainless Steel Pump

Food pump, chocolate pumps, dairy pump, glue pump, chemical pump, glycerin pump, etc.

multiphase pump,multi-phase pump,oil-gas-water mixed pump, positive displacement pump,positive displacement,pd pump,displacement pump,rotary screw pump,screw pump,twin screw pump,

BY2GSH Oil-Gas-Water Multiphase Mixing Pump

Multiphase pump,  multiphase pump oil and gas

high-pressure pump, high pressure screw pump, high pressure oil transfer pump

BY2GE Type High Pressure Pump

High-pressure pump, high pressure oil transfer pump

sewage pump, loading pump, sweeping pump, marine ballast pump, fuel transfer pump, fuel injection pump, etc.main engine lube oil pump

BY2GS Ordinary Double Suction Pump

Stripping pump, marine pump, fuel transfer pump, cargo oil pump, Oil filling pump, etc.

screw pump,Thermal Oil Pump, Bottom Pump, Tanker Pump, Tanker Truck Unloading Pump, Hot Tar Pump, Asphalt Pump, Refinery Pump, Emulsion Pump, hot oil pump,positive displacement, positive displacement pump, twin screw pump

BY2GSW Type High Temperature Fluid Transfer Pump

Hot oil pump, bitumen pump, refinery pump, emulsion pump, tar pump, etc.

high viscosity liquid pump

BY2GXT Type Very high Viscosity Material Transfer Pump

Pumps for viscous liquids, high viscosity liquid pump.

screw pump,twin screw pump,positive displacement pump,positive displacement,refinery pump,Bitumen Pump,Emulsion pump,tar pump,asphalt pump,hot oil pump,thermal oil pump

BY2GXW Small Flow High Temperature Fluid Transfer Pump

Bottom pump, thermal oil pump, fuel tanker pump, tar pump, asphalt pump, etc.



Refractories For EAF

high alumina castable,Ladle

Refractories For Ladle

Refractories For Tundish

Refractories ,RH degasser

Refractories For RH Degasser

Mill rolls

TC roll

Tungsten Carbide Rolls


High-Speed Steel Roll

Sendzimir Mill Roll, Cluster Mill Roll

Sendzimir and Cluster Mill Roll

mill rolls, Aluminum Mill Roll

Aluminum Mill Roll

Adamite Rolls

Adamite Rolls

forged rolls manufacturer,forged rolls

Forged rolls

cast rolls

More cast iron rolls

Casting Steel Rolls

More Casting Steel Rolls

rubber slicer, rubber slicing machine

Rubber Slicer

hydraulic metal baler,metal scrap baling machine,metal scrap baler

Hydraulic Metal Baler

Screw Pump Manufacturer, twin screw pump, rotary screw pump

Twin Twin Screw Pumps

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