Purpose of Sanitary Pump

Sanitary Pump, Sanitary Transfer Pump

Sanitary pumps, are typically used for processing liquids in the food processing industry to ensure compliance with hygienic standards. Types of sanitary pumps include centrifugal pumps, drum pumps, container pumps, flexible impeller pumps, rotor pumps, and sanitary pumps. According to the type of sanitary pumps, sanitary pumps can be divided into liquid mixing pumps, transfer pumps, unloading, and disposal pumps. Likewise, high-pressure pumps can be used to clean food processing equipment to hygienic standards.

1. Sanitary pump can be used to suck peanut butter, pickles, mashed potatoes, red sausage, chocolate, syrup, and hops.

2. Sanitary pumps can be used for paints, pigments, glues, adhesives, etc.

3. All kinds of tiles, porcelain, brick ware, and ceramic glaze paste.

4. Various abrasives, corrosives, and cleaning grease.

5. Various highly toxic, flammable, and volatile liquids.

6. Various sewage, cement grouting, and mortar.

7. All kinds of strong acids, strong alkalis,s and strong corrosive liquids.

8. Various viscous slurries, emulsions, and various ointment cosmetic products.

9. Front-stage pressure feeding device for various solid-liquid separation equipment.



Sanitary Pump, Sanitary Transfer Pump

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