Rotary Displacement Pump

Rotary positive displacement pumps are also known as eccentric pumps. Compared with other types of positive displacement pumps, it has smaller discharge pulsation and lower noise, with less wear and longer life.
In order to create a human-friendly quiet environment, the pump built into the device must be quiet. Toshin’s vane pumps have always pursued their value and achieved the world’s highest level of quietness and complete leak-free through the magnetic drive method (no seals). We meet the needs of the sought-after modern society. Depending on the application, the motor can be selected from AC/DC, pressure-proof explosion-proof type/safety explosion-proof type, single-phase/three-phase, etc.


Application Of Rotary Displacement Pump

Dialysis equipment in the medical field Tap water
Cleaning Tools Antiseptic Fluid
Inspection Equipment Acrylic/Alcohol
Laser device Cooling water
Semiconductor field cleaning tools Cleaning fluid
Cooling system fluorine-based inert solvent
Lubricator Lubricant
Food Sector Food Machinery Liquid Food
Biological field physical and chemical equipment Chemical solution
General industry cleaning tools Low concentration ozone water
Denitrification device Urea water
Cutter Glycol Aqueous Solution
printer organic solvent
Engine Test Equipment Gasoline, Light Oil, Alcohol
Wastewater Treatment Polymer Agglomerates
Transformer Oil Purification Device Transformer Oil


Double Screw Pump

Positive Displacement Double Screw Pump >>>




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