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rotary screw pump

  • Energy Saving
  • High Efficiency
  • Environmental Protection

The rotary screw pump relies on the mutual meshing of the eccentric screw and the rubber stator to move the material.
It is a kind of positive displacement pump and compared with other pump products on the market, the characteristics of the rotary screw pump are stable flow without pulsation, and it can handle a wide range of media, including high viscosity and solid particles.

Rotary screw pumps are divided into single-screw pumps, twin-screw pumps, triple-screw pumps, etc. Their structures, features, performance parameters, and applications are different, as well as their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Our company has been focusing on the research and development of twin-screw pumps. Twin-screw pumps have great advantages in transporting high-viscosity liquids and liquids containing solid particles. At the same time, they have a wide range of applications and have outstanding features such as high efficiency and energy saving.

Rotary Screw Pump

Application Fields

Quantitative dosing in water supply plants, transportation, and discharge of sediment, sludge transportation after dewatering in sewage plants, feeding of plate and frame filter presses, and addition of chemical agents, such as flocculant, lime milk, and other chemical solutions.

lubricating oil pump, fuel oil transfer pump, and cargo oil pump. The ship transports fuel oil, sweeps warehouses, removes floating oil at sea, discharges sewage and dirty oil to shore, and loads and unloads various materials.

Extraction and transportation of crude oil, heavy oil, oil, gas, sand, and other mixtures in onshore and offshore oil fields. In recent years, it has been especially successful in extracting the mixture of crude oil and water deep underground, and the mixture of coal gas and water in the coalfield, thus greatly reducing the cost of oil production and coal gas mining in Jicheng. The screw pump injects polymer into the formation to increase oilfield recovery.

Conveying various viscous pastes, emulsions, various ointments, cosmetics, etc. Conveying food raw materials, dairy materials, carbonated beverages and seasonings, straw thick starch, cooking oil, honey, fruit pulp, fruit juice, cream, surimi, minced meat, fermented viscous liquid, concentrated distiller’s grains, grain product residue, various recommended sauces, pulp and mucus containing lumpy solids, etc.

Spraying and conveying of cement mortar, lime mortar, paint, and other pastes. The transportation of slurry, porcelain oil, and refractory clay suspension in the production of ceramic industry, the production and use of coal-water slurry. Delivery of raw material slurries in high territory production.

Discharged the underground and slurry water that contains solid particles in the mine to the surface. Transportation of various suspensions, emulsions, polymers, dyes, organic materials, inorganic materials, grease, various colloids, synthetic fibers, viscose, and nylon powder. High-viscosity ink for wallpaper.

Delivery of syrups, health products, and pharmaceuticals. And Conveying pulp, adhesives, auxiliaries, etc in papermaking industry.

Lubrication pump, oil supply pump, fuel injection pump, water-glycol and other delivery pumps

LPG tanker loading and unloading, tank dumping, etc.

Used as lubricating oil pump, heavy oil transfer pump, etc.

Performance Range of Our Rotary Screw Pump

Medium conveying viscosity

≤ 5000000mm2/s

The medium conveying temperature

-40 ~450℃

Total flow range


Total pressure range


Rotary Screw Pump

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