Several Commonly Used Marine Pumps

There are many pumps used in the shipbuilding industry, and positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps are commonly used as marine pumps.

1. Marine gear pump

1) Marine gear pumps can be used as transmission and booster pumps in the oil delivery system of the shipbuilding industry; they can be used as fuel pumps for delivery, pressurization, and injection in the fuel system. Used as a marine oil supply pump, driving lubricating oil pump, lubricating oil transfer pump, etc. in the shipbuilding industry. Both marine lubricating oil pumps and marine fuel pumps can choose this type of pump, which is divided into horizontal marine gear pumps and vertical marine gear pumps.


2. Marine screw pump

1) Marine single-screw pumps because they can transport a wide range of media, are used in the marine industry as oil residue pumps, sludge pumps, bilge daily pumps, domestic sewage pumps, etc. There are two installation forms: direct connection and backpack. In order to save lateral space on board, backpack-type single screw pumps are mostly used. It is divided into single-level and multi-level. The export pressure of the shipbuilding industry is generally used within 2.5 MPa.

2) Marine twin-screw pumps are used as marine loading pumps, ship bottom stripping and sewage treatment, main engine lubrication pumps, and fuel oil pumps. It has the advantages of stable liquid conveying, no pulsation, no agitation, small vibration, low noise, and strong self-priming performance. Correct selection of materials and structures can convey lubricating or non-lubricating, clean or low-viscosity or containing small solid particles. Various media with high viscosity, with or without corrosiveness. The shaft seal has various forms, long service life, less leakage, and a wide application range. It also has vertical and horizontal distinctions.

3) Marine three-screw pumps are often used in the marine industry as main engine lubricating oil backup pumps, main engine lubricating oil pumps, diesel delivery pumps, and fuel oil delivery pumps. There are vertical and horizontal points.


3. Marine centrifugal pump

Marine centrifugal pumps are divided into self-priming and non-self-priming and vertical centrifugal pumps. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, stable operation, large displacement, high efficiency, easy adjustment, and wide application range.


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