Skid-mounted mixed-transmission twin-screw pump

Skid-mounted mixed-transmission twin-screw pumps are mainly petrochemical products with mixed-transmission twin-screw pumps as the core. The twin-screw pump assembly is skid-mounted on a base. In addition to the twin-screw pump, the skid-mounted pump also has an auxiliary control system and a centralized control system. lubrication system, mechanical seal forced circulation protection system, automatic separation and rehydration system, etc.

Skid-mounted twin-screw pumps are mostly used in industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, offshore oil and other industries. The oilfield transportation system is relatively complex. Sometimes a single twin-screw pump cannot solve the problem, and a pump skid combination needs to be made to meet the needs.

The skid-mounted twin-screw pump consists of a mixed-transmission twin-screw pump, diesel engine, gearbox, clutch, control and cooling lubrication system. All equipment is arranged on a common skid-mounted base, and all operating instruments are concentrated on the console. After arriving at the user site, it only needs to be connected to the pipeline to use it. It is an independent transportation system.


1. Mixed transport mining does not require the separation of oil, gas and water in the crude oil extracted from the oil well;

2. There is no need to install multiple pipelines for separately transporting water and gas, and no compressors and oil pumps are needed.

3. The transport medium of the mixed transport pump is the multi-phase transport of oil, gas and water.

4. It can reduce the wellhead pressure, thereby increasing crude oil production. It not only reduces the basic investment, but the application of the mixed pump also simplifies the crude oil mining process and increases the mining life of the oil well. Compared with traditional mining methods, the crude oil mining process is simplified and investment in foundation and equipment is reduced.

5. It can put sealed oil wells back into use, improve the utilization rate of oil wells, and obtain high economic benefits.

6. Can be used as a multi-phase booster pump.

7. It can transport multi-phase flow with high gas content and transport slug flow without interruption.

8. Modular integrated design, convenient for transportation, installation and debugging.


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