Special food-grade screw pump for the production of spices and flavors

Spice is a general term for spices (sometimes called fragrance raw materials) and essence. It is a substance that can be smelled by smell or tasted by taste. It may be a “single body” or a “single body”. Hybrid”. Spices can be divided into two categories: “natural spices” and “synthetic spices” according to the production method or raw materials.

Food-grade twin-screw pumps are mainly used for the transportation of water, oil, and paste flavors in the production of spices and flavors. The screw rotor is made of food-grade stainless steel.


food-grade screw pump


Twin-screw pumps can be divided into two types: built-in bearings and external bearings. In the version with built-in bearings, the bearings are lubricated by the conveyed material. The working chamber of the twin-screw pump with an external bearing structure is separated from the bearing. Due to the structure of this pump and the side clearance existing between the screws, it can convey non-lubricating media. In addition, the synchronous gear is adjusted so that the screws do not touch, and half of the output torque is transmitted to the driven screw at the same time.

Just like all screw pumps, the external bearing type twin screw pump also has the self-priming ability, and most of the pump delivery elements themselves are double-suction symmetrically arranged, which can eliminate axial force and also have a large suction height. These characteristics of the pump make it widely used in the oilfield chemical industry and shipbuilding industry.



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