Specifications for the use of asphalt pumps

asphalt pumps

When using the asphalt heat preservation pump, we must formulate strict technical maintenance specifications. The fuel filter works for 100 hours and the fuel tank is cleaned once for 500 hours. If the filter element is found to be damaged, it must be replaced in time by the oil supply.

The pair should be disassembled and checked once under normal working conditions for 500 hours. When dismantling and inspecting the asphalt heat preservation pump, ensure that the place, hands, tools, and cleaning oil are clean to avoid contamination of the accidental parts. Do not knock or knock indiscriminately during the disassembly operation, do not pile it up in disorder during cleaning, and should not wash it together with other non-coupled parts to avoid bumps and scratches.

During assembly, the assembly position should not be changed at will to achieve some purposes that do not meet the working requirements of the machine. When installing the oil valve tight seat and the oil nozzle tight cap, it should be tightened according to the specified torque to ensure the good technical condition of the assembled fuel injector and fuel injection pump. Understand the structural characteristics and working principle of the dual parts, strengthen and improve the maintenance, operation, and use of the dual parts, so as not to adjust at will when there is no fault, not to disassemble at will during maintenance and use, not to knock randomly during maintenance and inspection, and to clean and maintain Do not rub and touch randomly and do not twist or twist during assembly and adjustment.

  1. When installing, it should be noted that the arrow on the valve body should be consistent with the flow direction of the medium. Do not install in places where there is direct dripping or splashing. The asphalt heat preservation pump should be installed vertically upwards.
  2. The asphalt pump should be guaranteed to work normally within the fluctuation range of the power supply voltage of 15%-10% of the rated voltage.
  3. After the asphalt heat preservation pump is installed, there must be no reverse pressure difference in the pipeline. And it needs to be powered on several times to make it suitable for temperature before it can be officially put into use.
  4. The pipeline should be thoroughly cleaned before the installation of the asphalt heat preservation pump. The incoming medium should be free of impurities. Install filter before the valve.
  5. When the asphalt heat preservation pump fails or is cleaned, in order to ensure the continuous operation of the system, a bypass device should be installed.

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