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What are the power losses in a centrifugal pump?

There are three types of power loss in a centrifugal pump: hydraulic loss, volume loss, mechanical loss   1) hydraulic loss When the fluid flows in the pump body if the flow path is smooth, the resistance will be smaller, and if the flow path is rough, the resistance will

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The difference between a dynamic pump and a positive displacement pump

Positive displacement pump The positive displacement pump relies on the reciprocating or rotating motion of the working element in the pump cylinder to make the working volume increase and decrease alternately to realize the suction and discharge of the liquid. The positive displacement pump whose working element performs reciprocating motion

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The use and maintenance of the centrifugal pump

The idea of ​​using centrifugal force to transport water first appeared in a sketch by Leonardo da Vinci. In 1689, French physicist Papin invented the volute centrifugal pump with a four-blade impeller. But closer to the modern centrifugal pump is the so-called Massachusetts pump with radial straight blades, semi-open double

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