What are the characteristics of the mechanical seal of the pump?

1) The sealing performance is good, the leakage of mechanical seal is generally 0.01-5ml/h, according to special requirements, after special design, the leakage of manufactured mechanical seal is only 0.01ml/h, or even smaller, while the leakage of packing seal is 3-80ml/h; 2) Long service life, generally above 8000h; 3) The friction power is small, only […]

Seal Of The Mechanical Pump

1. How many types of seals are commonly used in pumps? There are two types, dynamic seal and static seal.   2. What is the basis for choosing seals for pumps used in chemical production? According to the process conditions, working pressure and medium corrosion, the rotation speed is selected.   3. What are the […]

What are the main characteristic parameters of the mechanical seal of the pump?

1) Shaft diameter: The shaft diameter range of the pump mechanical seal is generally 6-200mm, and the special one can reach 400mm. The shaft diameter of the pump is usually determined by the strength requirements and is rounded or modulated by a shaft sleeve to meet the standard shaft diameter of the mechanical seal;   […]