Daily maintenance of twin screw pump

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1. Daily maintenance 1.1 Check the oil level in the gearbox when the twin screw pump is stopped. If necessary, remove the oil filling plug and add oil to the center of the oil level. 1.2 Listen for abnormal noise and vibration. 1.3 Check the pump for leaks while the pump is running. NOTE: For […]

What are the unique advantages of the twin-screw pump?

1) The conveying liquid is stable, with no pulsation, no stirring, small vibration, and low noise. 2) The twin-screw pump has a strong self-priming performance. When multiphase is mixed, the gas content is not higher than 80%, and the sand content is not higher than 80%. 500g/m3. 3) The external bearing structure of the twin-screw […]