The main factors affecting the service life of the screw pump

The screw pump uses the back-and-forth rotation of the screw to absorb and discharge the liquid. Because of the mutual meshing of the respective screws and the tight fit between the screw and the inner wall of the barrel, it will be divided into one or many parts at the suction and discharge of the […]

Screw pump oil recovery technology

Screw pump oil recovery technology has been widely used in oilfields, and it can play the most important role in oil recovery technology under the complex geographical conditions of oil fields. We need to continuously research and innovate on screw pump oil recovery technology, and make screw pump oil recovery technology to a more advanced […]

Can the inlet and outlet of the screw pump be interchanged?

Generally speaking, the inlet and outlet of rotary positive displacement pumps such as screw pumps can be reversed, that is to say, the inlet and outlet of the pump can be interchanged theoretically, but there are several problems in this before the product leaves the factory. Need to solve: 1. Sealing problem of screw pump: […]

Why is the screw pump suitable for conveying sludge?

How to select the type of sludge transfer pump The flow rate of the concentrated sludge in the water purification plant is generally not too large, the sludge concentration is high, and it contains fine particles. When air flotation is used in the concentration process, there are a lot of air bubbles in the sludge. […]

The difference between screw pump and reciprocating pump

Screw Pump The twin-screw pump is very similar to the gear pump. One screw rotates to drive the other screw. The liquid is intercepted in the meshing chamber, pushed along the rod axis, and then squeezed to the center to be discharged. Features: 1. Advantages: 1) Wide range of pressure and flow; 2) Wide range […]

Can you put a variable speed drive on a screw pump?

Using the frequency converter to control the speed of the screw pump can effectively save energy and improve the controllability of the screw pump. However, when determining the motor capacity and selecting the inverter for the on-site screw pump, the capacity of the motor and the type of inverter should be reasonably determined according to […]

Screw Pump

screw pump

What is a screw pump? The screw pump is a kind of transportation equipment that relies on the mutual meshing of the eccentric screw and the rubber stator to move the material. It is a kind of positive displacement pump with a long history. Compared with other pump products on the market, the characteristics of […]

Rotary Pump

Rotary Pump

The rotary pump sucks and discharges the liquid by the rotation of one or more rotors in the pump, also known as the rotor pump. There are many forms of rotary pumps, but their operating principles are all similar. Gear pumps and screw pumps are commonly used in chemical plants Features The conveying flow can […]

Positive Displacement Pumps Are

positive displacement pumps are , PD pump

Positive displacement pumps are the pumps that provide flow and pressure to the outside, which are conventional pumps. A negative displacement pump is a hydraulic motor that runs on external pressure and flow. Positive displacement pumps are self-charging. Unlike centrifugal or turbo pumps, flow is constant regardless of system pressure drop. Structural Characteristics and Application […]

Screw Type Vacuum Pump

screw type vacuum pump

The screw vacuum pump is a pumping device that uses a pair of screws to perform synchronous high-speed reverse rotation in the pump casing to generate suction and exhaust. It is a replacement product for oil-sealed vacuum pumps. On gas occasions with a small amount of dust, it is widely used in domestic pharmaceutical, chemical, […]