Stainless steel pump will be the new development direction

The Stainless steel pump will become the new development direction of China’s pump industry. At present, China’s stainless steel consumption has reached the highest level in the world and is close to 1/4 of the global total consumption. The per capita stainless steel consumption has reached 3.4KG, ranking among the top among developing countries. However, […]

Stainless Steel Rotor Pump

Stainless Steel Pump

Stainless steel rotor pump is also known as a food hygiene pump, three-leaf pump, rotary flap pump, etc. Relying on two synchronous and reverse-rotating rotors (the number of teeth is 2-4), suction (vacuum) is generated at the inlet during the rotation process, so as to suck in the material to be conveyed. The stainless steel […]