Multiphase pump

multiphase pump

The exploration and development of oil and natural gas in offshore (offshore and deep-sea) oilfields has given birth to the birth and development of multiphase mixed transportation technology for oil and gas. This is due to the separate laying of pipelines for oil and gas. The investment cost is too huge. After adopting the multi-phase […]

Positive Displacement Pumps Are

positive displacement pumps are , PD pump

Positive displacement pumps are the pumps that provide flow and pressure to the outside, which are conventional pumps. A negative displacement pump is a hydraulic motor that runs on external pressure and flow. Positive displacement pumps are self-charging. Unlike centrifugal or turbo pumps, flow is constant regardless of system pressure drop. Structural Characteristics and Application […]

Use of positive displacement pump

Hydraulic pumps are the heart of every hydraulic system, and they have many unavoidable responsibilities that help improve system performance. Pumps play an important role in converting mechanical energy into useful hydraulic energy. You can find a variety of hydraulic pump types for a variety of applications. Based on displacement, pumps are mainly divided into […]

Principle and basis of pump selection

Selection principle Make the type and performance of the selected pump meet the requirements of process parameters such as device flow, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation flow, and suction. The requirements for the properties of the medium must be met.For pumps that transport flammable, explosive, toxic, or precious media, reliable shaft seals or leak-free pumps are […]

The positive displacement pump

The positive displacement pump relies on the reciprocating or rotating motion of the working element in the pump cylinder to make the working volume increase and decrease alternately to realize the suction and discharge of the liquid. The positive displacement pump whose working element performs reciprocating motion is called a reciprocating pump, and the one […]

Daily maintenance of twin screw pump

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1. Daily maintenance 1.1 Check the oil level in the gearbox when the twin screw pump is stopped. If necessary, remove the oil filling plug and add oil to the center of the oil level. 1.2 Listen for abnormal noise and vibration. 1.3 Check the pump for leaks while the pump is running. NOTE: For […]

What are the unique advantages of the twin-screw pump?

1) The conveying liquid is stable, with no pulsation, no stirring, small vibration, and low noise. 2) The twin-screw pump has a strong self-priming performance. When multiphase is mixed, the gas content is not higher than 80%, and the sand content is not higher than 80%. 500g/m3. 3) The external bearing structure of the twin-screw […]