What Are Twin Screw Pumps Used For ?

In industry, twin screw pumps are used for a variety of applications, from transferring hazardous liquids to moving viscous materials, twin screw pumps are commonly used for moving fluids and transferring chemicals in industries such as food processing, petrochemical products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more. As their name suggests, these pumps have two screws that rotate […]

What is a twin screw pump?

A twin screw pump is a positive displacement pump that uses two screws to move fluids or sludge through a chamber. The intermeshing of the two rotors form volumetric chambers, and these chambers fill with fluid that is carried from the suction side to the higher-pressure discharge side of the pump. This type of pump […]

Screw pump oil recovery technology

Screw pump oil recovery technology has been widely used in oilfields, and it can play the most important role in oil recovery technology under the complex geographical conditions of oil fields. We need to continuously research and innovate on screw pump oil recovery technology, and make screw pump oil recovery technology to a more advanced […]

The role of condensate pumps in thermal power plants

The steam-water system of a thermal power plant is composed of a boiler steam turbine condenser high-low pressure heater condensate pump and feed water pump, etc. It includes steam-water cycle chemical water treatment and cooling system, etc. Water is heated into steam in the boiler and further heated by the heater Then it turns into […]

Types of positive displacement pumps

Positive displacement pump relies on piston, plunger, diaphragm, gear or vane, and other working parts to reciprocate or rotate in the pump body, so that the volume of several working chambers in the pump body changes periodically, and alternately sucks and discharges liquid. kind of pump. It has the characteristics of low revolutions, high efficiency, […]

The difference between a dynamic pump and a positive displacement pump

Positive displacement pump The positive displacement pump relies on the reciprocating or rotating motion of the working element in the pump cylinder to make the working volume increase and decrease alternately to realize the suction and discharge of the liquid. The positive displacement pump whose working element performs reciprocating motion is called a reciprocating pump, […]

The internal and external bearing structure of twin screw pump

The twin screw pump has a complete range of structures, including horizontal, vertical, and heating jackets. It can transport low-viscosity or high-viscosity media with particles. Adjust the screw spacing according to the size of the particles, select the correct material, and even more corrosive media can be transported.     Twin screw pumps can be […]

Working principle and characteristics of twin screw pump

twin screw pump

The twin screw pump is an externally meshed screw pump, which uses two screws that mesh with each other and do not touch each other to pump liquid. The twin-screw pump is a double-suction non-hermetic twin-screw pump. The driving screw with one end extending out of the pump is driven by the prime mover. The […]

Twin Screw Pump Selection Guide

twin screw pump

When selecting the twin screw pump basic technical parameters are needed. Include flow, inlet, and outlet pressure difference, and viscosity of the medium. In addition, it is also necessary to provide the working temperature of the medium, whether it is corrosive or abrasive, etc. With these parameters, you can start the selection. Please follow the […]